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  • Kuwait Operational Variables

    Kuwait is a country that relies heavily on resources outside its boundaries. Throughout history, Kuwait, a committed culture, has always continued to flourish and expand. Despite the country’s setbacks, region and country size, their political, military and economic systems show the rest of the world how devoted, but dependent they are to preserve their way of life. Due to the political, military and economic variables of the operational environment, Kuwait is a devoted culture, but thrives…

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  • The Influence Of The Reagan Administration During The Contra-Iran Affair

    What Reagan administration did during the Contra-Iran Affair was wrong from a political, ethical, and moral standpoint. From a strategic standpoint, there is a different story. In regards to the Iran-Iraq war, the main objective of Reagan’s administration was revealed, which was to lengthen the Iran-Iraq war. The US (along with Israel and its European allies) did not want a powerful Iran under the rule of Islamic Republic. They saw the Islamic Republic of Iran as a force that challenges the…

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  • Syrian Civil War

    Not everyone is fighting for the same reason. One group is fighting for The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS). ISIS have not only executed war crimes and targeted Syria, but several countries including the United States in acts of terrorism. Many countries such as the US, Europe, and Russia have expressed and thought-out plans to help the efforts against ISIS. The Islamic State of Iraq and Levant are connected to thousands of killings worldwide (intrastate conflict) and their supporters…

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  • What Is The Threat Of Isis Inhumane?

    Isis: An Evil Bunch The terrorist organization Isis or “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” is a name with which we have unfortunately heard of far too often. They have inspired and personally carried out inhumane acts around the world way too many times. Even though they are frequently talked about on the news and among the public, do we really know what they want? Isis inspired the attacks in my hometown of San Bernardino last December proving that they are a cancer which will only keep on…

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  • ISIS And Bioterrorism

    control of towns which creates a shock value to assure to reach their goals. Most people do not understand ISIS’ meaning. ISIS is an abbreviation for "Islamic State of Iraq and Syria".(Lobe) ISIS refers to themselves as IS which means Islamic State. The reason for IS is the fact that their power is now going farther than just Iraq and Syria, ISIS is power can been seen in Afghanistan. ISIS is the new big terrorist group.…

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  • Case Study Of Competitive Control By An Insurgent Group

    and Northern Iraq. The PKK was formed in 1974 inspired by the Marxist-Leninist ideology, till date the insurgent organisation aims to create an independent state for…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Day In Iraq

    I woke up every morning in Iraq the same way. I would get up and I would get all my gear on. Today was different though, I woke up, and leaned over the side of my bed with a bad feeling in my stomach, I got up soon after. I laced up my boots, loaded my gun’s magazines, and then put my vest on. Then walked outside and the sun blinded me for a little bit. I later walked to where the Humvee was, it was going to take us on our route. When I got in the Humvee I saw one of my good buddies, Jaxon…

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  • How Did Paul Bremer Influence The Iraqi Constitution

    Iraqi Constitution in the aftermath of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. It goes into great detail how the failure in the part of the CPA actors regarding influence of religion and nationalism changed and delayed the implementation of the Iraqi constitution. Even though religion is related to the culture of the group by way of personal and collective identity, it also has a social function within the society it works. Therefore, in Post Saddam Iraq, the Grand Ayatollah Sistani was able to…

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  • Al Qaeda Formation

    The Saudi regime was perplexed when Iraq invaded Kuwait at the thought that bin Laden would face them next, and being not sure of Hussein’s motivations, the Saudi royal family called for the United States’ military hand in defending herself against Saddam Hussein. Osama was not in agreement…

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  • Radical Islam

    This research is crucial to understanding the modern political and religious climate surrounding radical Islam. Islam is currently going through trials and tribulations and posed with the ultimate question of pluralism. Christianity seemed to to go through this crucible in the seventeenth century with the Enlightenment. While Christianity always had small-scale struggles regarding religious freedom post-Enlightenment with the majority Protestant persecution of Catholics, the question of…

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