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  • My Internship Personal Statement

    having the ability to work in a classroom for the internship will only help me understand how to better achieve my goal. For several years, I have been working…

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  • Finance Internship Essay Example

    Tacoma. I obtained this position through the school’s Institution-to-Institution Pair Internship program. The finance internship opportunity is a joint effort between the City of Tacoma and the University of WA, Tacoma. The purpose of this finance internship is for students to gain an understanding of how organizations analyze needs for finance functions and how programs and processes are implemented. My internship is a part-time, weekly commitment that lasts from November to June. I received an…

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  • Summary: Business Analyst Internship

    I write to apply for the Business Analyst internship offered by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. As an Economics and Mathematics major at Yale, I hope to help the Fed promote economic growth; indeed, I believe that my business development experience will allow the Fed to better tackle the challenges arising from its mission. Most people hear about the Fed’s work with monetary policy, but my work with microenterprises has taught me about the Fed’s many other programs. Just as major…

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  • Green Bay Internship Report

    Staff at Green Bay City Hall. I worked this job until the middle of February. This was probably my favorite internship because I was assigned to do so many different tasks and assignments. I had done some things for the city where I could see the end result and things I did were brought in at a couple of city council meetings. Dr. David Helpap originally told me to apply for the internship at City Hall. He gave me the right information and I went in for an interview with Mayor Jim Schmitt…

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  • 21st Century Internship Summary

    The book “21st Century Internship- How to get a job before graduation” written by David Shindler and Mark Babbitt is focused on the importance of internship in the 21st century. Also, they mentioned what is an internship, why it is important, what do employers really want, how to find right internship and the most important how to start your own professional career through internships. The authors share the knowledge how to develop your personal soft skills and how to be a worker who is highly…

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  • Importance Of Internship In Mayo Hospital

    Introduction The internship provides a real world experience for those who look to achieve the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a specific career field. An internship consists of an exchange of services for experience between the student and an organization. Students can also utilize internship to figure out whether they have an enthusiasm for a particular profession, to make a system of contacts, or to pick up school credit. Every year our department arrange internship…

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  • Social Media Internship Analysis

    what I was doing with the social media sites and any questions I had on the phone system even if I was scared to talk to them. Today, that has changed. I now go to lunch everyday with the two ladies and we frequently see each other outside of my internship as well. As I grew closer to them, it was a lot easier to read their nonverbals and I quickly realized from learning in class, the closer you are to someone the more you understand their nonverbals. Even more, I have realized it is a lot…

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  • AIG Internship Experience Essay

    1) What you did during the internship (include the specific tasks and responsibilities you performed during the internship) During my ten-week internship with AIG (American International Group) I was responsible for assisting lead underwriters in the underwriting of their accounts. To begin the AIG internship experience interns spent three days at home office, located in New York. During these three days interns were explained job roles, attended an Introduction to Insurance course, participated…

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  • Social Work Internship Analysis

    Internships play a big role in a person’s college journey. According to Brigham Young University (BYU) “an internship is a perfect way to put into practice what you’ve learned in the classroom while trying out different areas of the statistics job world” (2015). In other words, internships help you learn by experience giving students the opportunity to discover if that career is really for them or not. Unfortunately, most degrees don’t require students to get an internship until their senior…

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  • Science Internship Personal Statement

    There are many reasons why I would like to participate in the Science Research Internship Program. Most notably I am interested in going into a career that is in the realm of science. Secondly, I strongly believe that this internship would be a great learning experience for me that will take my interest in science even further. In addition, it would also be beneficial for me to work in a more mature program especially since it is located at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This is one of the…

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