International labour standards

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  • CLSA Legal Case Study

    maintaining adherence to the professional principles.” It also lists a number of “professional principles” which are: “(a) that authorised persons should act with independence and integrity, (b) that authorised persons should maintain proper standards of work, (c) that authorised persons should act in the best interests of their…

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  • The Role Of The International Accounting Standards Board

    a) IASB stands for International Accounting Standards Board. The IASB is a standard-setting board whose main role is to ‘develop and approves ‘International Financial Reporting Standards’ so that all financial reports and financial statements globally are detailed and can be easily read by all users. With constant regulation and development, it ensures all business’ financial records are formatted the same and easy to transfer information to and from them. To become an IASB member isn’t an easy…

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  • The Importance Of Financial Disclosures In Swiss GAAP

    They each have their own little nuances depending on transaction that it taken place, but the standards are mostly straight forwards in what the accountants are required to do. This is why it should come as no surprise that the financial disclosures in Swiss GAAP are just a stringent as they are in the US GAAP framework. The disclosure requirements…

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  • What Is A Reportable Segment According To FASB Asb Asc Case Study

    1. What is an operating segment? An operating segment is a management-approach-based segment. According to GAAP, an operating segment is a component of an enterprise that engages in business activities from which it may earn revenues and incur expenses, including intersegment revenues and expenses; whose operating results are regularly reviewed by the enterprise’s CODM; and for which discrete financial information is available (textbook p. 490). 2. What is a reportable segment according to…

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  • Blooms Inc Case Summary

    1. Legal aspects A. The first question to analyze is whether Blooms Inc. has consent to collect the data of customers under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). According to Article 7(1) GDPR, the fundamental condition for the data processing based on consent is the ability of the data’s controller to demonstrate that the data subject (i.e. the customer) has consented to the processing of his or her personal data. In the present case, the customers, namely Steven and John, freely and…

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  • Financial Accounting

    If these standards did not exist, then companies could publish any information they like to entice investors and creditors to contribute to the organization. These standards allow investors and creditors to compare companies within an industry to each other. The standards ensure reports published by competing business contain the same types of information. “Companies are expected to follow…

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  • Uniform Financial Reporting Standards

    In order to approach this topic for discussion, we should first clarify the meaning of key terms introduced in the thesis and examples of the levels at which they exist. Financial reporting standards are defined most cleanly as a set of guidelines and rules for conveying formal records of financial activities of an entity, capable of being applied consistently across the level at which they are designed. This can be locally, within a small or independent economy, or globally, as is the case with…

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  • M & A Merger Essay

    Background One of the many enduring puzzles in corporate finance has been the need and outcome of the M&A (merger and acquisition) activities during different times. Generally, history is not discussed in detail for corporate finance owing to the changing market dynamics; however, M&A activities are different in terms of learnings they bring forward. A merger involves a combination of two existing companies into one single entity. Mergers attract consolidation of the industry since it is…

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    In the present years, there has been raised the debate on the conversion of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). Companies, especially in the United States of America, are using a system of inconsistent accounting standards for their financial reporting. That is why FASB encourages most organizations moving to a universal system of reporting. However, the transition affects the financial data, financial compliance controls,…

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  • Situation Analysis: Financial Analysis Of The Walt Disney Company

    My choice of the company to base on in my financial statement analysis is the Walt Disney Company. This is a company that mainly deals with the entertainment industry by animation.Its aim are to become, in the nearest possible future one the leading providers of entertainment and information to their various audiences. This is done by their various efforts to invest in creativity so that they are able to pull more audiences towards their works of art. Their commitment to creativity and…

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