International human rights law

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  • Persuasive Essay Against Refugees

    The world continues to record escalating number of refugees. Governments guarantee the physical security and basic human rights of its citizens and the refugees. When civilians become refugees, the safety, and human rights disappears. In this case, countries should be aware and act on their obligations to protect refugees and people seeking asylum. In some cases, host countries fail to protect these refugees. Consequently, these refugees have a hard time catering for their families and meeting…

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  • Transitional Justice

    To the Admissions Department of the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, When talking about transitional justice, two pictures come to my mind. As an international human rights observer in Guatemala, I had the chance to follow transitional justice cases. One of them was the Sepur Zarco’s woman case, historic for being the first criminal trial about sexual violence committed by the army during Guatemala’s armed conflict. It was observing one of the testimony…

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  • The Importance Of Human Rights In Brazil

    The Brazilian constitution ensures its citizens right to life and liberty, but in reality, this isn 't true. Brazil, a Federal Republic country violates people’s human rights to life, personal security, and liberty by allowing their police to arrest detainees illegally along with treating them harshly, and by allowing the police to get away with torture and murder. To combat Brazil’s violations of the human rights to life, personal security, and liberty a number of things can be done: use global…

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  • Rwanda Genocide Case Study

    acting under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter. Chapter VII grants the power to “determine the existence of any threat to peace, breach of peace, or act of aggression.” In addition, it gives the Security Council the power to “restore international peace and security,” but does not specify any…

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  • Griffen's Naturalist Approach Analysis

    Midterm // Philosophy of Human Rights // Conner Hanke The predominant discrepancy between Beitz’ practical approach and Griffen’s naturalist theory is that the practical approach is a structural account and Griffen’s is a substantive account. Beitz’ approach is structural in the sense that the protection and enforcal of human rights is contingent on state governments and the international community as a whole. The contingency of human rights’ existence on state governments is the answer to his…

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  • The Nuremberg Trial Analysis

    ad how they needed to be a success. He states, “The Nuremberg trials were an experiment. There was a clear international consensus among the victor powers that the perpetrators of aggression should this time be treated differently by the international community,” (28). Through out Mr. Sand’s book he is trying to get the reader to understand how this trial lead to many other internationals laws. It even proved big powers could work together for the common good of bring justice to the world’s…

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  • Persian Girls Summary

    silent on the situation due to the animosity between the two countries. The political tussle between the countries has also created several obstacles for the civil society to take substantial steps in helping the women of Iran achieve fundamental human rights in their…

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  • Essay On Post-Racial Society

    It is really hard a society becomes post-racial. But it is not impossible. Actually, I believe that besides we are really far from it, we are also walking in the right direction. But, this discussion must to begin with the next questions: What is a post-racial society? What is race and racism? How can we avoid this action? In an introductory way, race can be the response to the question “what are you?” and have relationship with culture, beliefs and what part the world the person came from.…

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  • Offences Against The Person Act: Discrimination Of Sexual Minorities In Jamaica

    and 79 of Jamaica’s Offences Against the Person Act, collectively referred to as the “buggery law”, introduced under British colonization, criminalize anal sex and acts of gross indecency between men (Offences Against the Person Act, 1864). Although the law criminalizes acts between men, and arrest under the law is rare, it is used to justify human rights violations against all sexual minorities (Human Rights First, 2015). Homophobic discourse is widespread in Jamaican media, music, religious…

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  • Importance Of Capital Punishment Essay

    realization among the international community regarding the abolition of death penalty.Governments of various countries have not only limited themselves to remove capital punishment from their own judicial systems but have also contributed towards launching a global movement for the eradication of death penalty. This opinion was first acknowledged in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1948. Article 3 of UDHR says that everyone shall have the right to…

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