International human rights law

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  • Universal Declaration Of Human Rights In Human History

    argue that human rights have existed since the earliest times within human history? The belief that all human beings are entitled to certain humans rights is fairly new across the world even though it is argued that they have existed in many different traditions before this ( The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been described as a succession of international breakthroughs and revolutionary declarations ( It proclaims that all human beings have the right to…

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  • Australian Pride

    Australian Pride Australia being a nation of wealth and prosperity, that dignifies itself on its “Aussie pride” rather than human rights is the main reason as to why we haven 't secured a seat at the United Nations human rights council (UNHRC). While Australia is commendable for some of its approaches to HR, they continue to face issues with their harsh mandatory detention and turn back policy as well as over representation of indigenous people in the criminal justice system. Additionally,…

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  • Interlinkage Between Democracy And Human Rights Essay

    interlinkage between democracy and human rights The internationalization of democracy and human rights since World War II is an achievement of great proportions and significance. However, while human rights are regularly seen as universally applicable, not all see the rights-based democracy as the most appropriate form of government for all peoples (LANGLOIS A. J., 2003, p. 990). Some observers have suggested that one way to promote an international human rights regime, while pre-empting the…

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  • What Are Courts Enforcing Human Rights?

    enforcing human rights. However as we will find out by looking at the evidence and the mechanics of the law, we can see that the courts alone are not the best method of enforcing human rights and that it may in fact be ineffective. Instead this essay will examine how currently there is no set universal method of human rights enforcement and it is instead best to use a method based on the context of the situation. As we know courts are the main medium for enforcement of international human rights…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Foster Children

    ”(Congressional Documents and Publications). The times tides have been turning for LBGT couples due to the fact that only 7 states still having laws preventing the fostering or adoption of children. If America as a whole proceeds to looking forward, the barrier these states have create can be disbanded so that all LGBT couples in any region of the U.S. have equal rights to adopt and to foster children. Another positive aspect to look was that legislation in the American government that is…

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  • The Doctors Trial

    was his ability to point out that these doctors had pledged themselves under oath to do no harm, and that they had deliberately broken this oath. He also argued that it was the people’s right to know what had lead these doctors to break such an oath, and to treat their follow human beings as something other than human. One recurring theme was the…

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  • The Arguments Against Humanitarian Intervention

    non-intervention is understood as a norm in the field of international law, there are circumstances when humanitarian intervention is necessary in order to respond to serious abuse- such as when a state commits crimes or inflicts abuse upon their own citizens. (Baylis, Smith and Owens 479) Through explanation and analysis of the policies and processes of the United Nations, I will then be presenting arguments, involving the topics of human rights and moral duties, as to why humanitarian…

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  • Statutory Law Case Study

    Sources of the Law in England and Wales Introduction Sovereign Body of Parliament has created the legislation in England and Wales. The sovereign body is three-layer legislation in which Queen plays a formal role, House of Commons creates legislation, which is referred as statues, lastly, the House of Lords, which acts as a supreme court in English law. English Law is one of the largest written laws in the world, and many countries have referred English Law to construct their law, and that is…

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  • Models Of Child Trafficking

    It is a criminal matter when labor or migration laws are broken. It is a matter of human rights when a person is denied or granted the right to work or migrate (Yuko, 2009). There are two models that relate to child trafficking. The first model is the Criminal Model, in which criminalizing human trafficking and related offences such as breaches of prostitution, immigration and labor law allows states to maintain their sovereignty, protecting their borders and those…

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  • Essay On Humanitarian Intervention

    For any intervention in the world, the international community should have some strong reasons. The United Stated Before considering the changing nature of humanitarian intervention under international law, it is necessary to consider briefly why humanitarian intervention was appeared as a justification for the 2003 war against Iraq. The cruel and brutal nature of the Iraqi regime is indisputable. For a long time, the former regime oppressed a system of persecution that contained widespread…

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