International Financial Reporting Standards

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  • Analysis Of The Warehouse Group

    Introduction In this essay I will include a detail research in the development of corporate social responsibility and how it has been absorbed into integrated reporting in the last 25 years. In this essay I will be using The Warehouse Group LTD 2016 annual report as an example to present my information. The Warehouse Group (WGL) was funded by Stephen Tindall In 1982 and is the largest retail group operating in New Zealand (Warehouse Group, 2016). Social Corporate Responsibility Definition…

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  • Aramex Case Study

    in 1982 like an express operator. This company is a leading provider of whole transportation and logistics solution. Aramex company rapidly evolved into a international brand for its innovative multi-product offering and customized services. Traded on the NASDAQ from 1997 to 2002, Aramex today is a publicly traded company on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM: ARMX), employing more than 8,600 people in over 310 locations around the world, and has a strong association network providing worldwide…

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  • Nursing Role

    Nursing is a noble profession in which rights and ethics are inseparable aspects. International Council of Nurses (2015) defined nursing as a self-governing and combined care of all kinds of people regardless of their age, gender, communities, illness or health and in all environments. Nursing incorporates the health promotion, prevention of disease, and care of the sick, disabled and people with chronic conditions. The key roles of nursing are advocacy, enhancement of a safe and sound…

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  • Wild Eagle Spur Case Study

    In order to ensure reliability of the finances, these statements are prepared under the supervision of Ronel van Dijk, CA(SA) (Chief Financial Officer) and an internal audit will take place3. These internal auditors are appointed by the Audit Committee who are also responsible for ensuring that the internal auditors function independently and have the necessary authority and resources to…

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  • What Are The Six Principles Of Lunar Capital

    However, the sustainability always be ignored by investors and the whole financial markets. Under the circumstance, Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) supported by United Nations appear. The PRI shows the connection between environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and finance. To merge ESG factors into the decision of investment could make a more stable financial system, decrease risks and increase financial returns. Lunar Capital is one of the signatories of the United…

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  • Lisa Martin Ethical Analysis

    Ethics is defined as the code of moral principles that sets standards of good or bad, or right or wrong, in our conduct. In society today, people believe that the correct way to live up to ethical expectation is to hold onto moral principles that governs the behavior. It’s to determine from what’s ethically right to wrong, and to commit to do what’s believe to be right. It’s the absolute way of being a virtuous person by being true to ourselves and others. These are morals that people value…

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  • The Go Planet Matrix: An Analysis Of ABC Banking Corporation Ltd.

    2017 Moreover, in line with its Integrated Sustainability Reporting, ABC Banking Corporation Ltd ensures that all its activities, locally and in China, where the institution opened a representative office in March 2017, are carried out responsibly and ethically whilst enhancing business value for all its shareholders. Moreover, Annual General Meetings are held yearly with all Board members and shareholders in order to review the financial year’s performance and to discuss openly about the…

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  • Cap Net Case Study

    At the time of its institution, Cap-Net, was seen as a complementary programme to the Global Water Partnership (GWP) activities on advocacy and IWRM planning. Like the GWP, Cap-Net works through autonomous regional and country networks of capacity building institutions. This approach makes it difficult to assign responsibility for outcomes and subsequently ensuring an effective monitoring system. Recognising that there are many factors that affect performance of individuals and institutions, it…

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  • Money Laundering Stages

    Money laundering can be a complex process that involves three different stages, the first being Placement, which in loves physically placing illegally obtained money into the financial system or retail economy. Money is most exposed to detection and seizure during the placement stage. Another stage of money laundering consist of Layering which involves separating the illegally obtained money from criminal source by providing a series of transactions trail to make it difficult to trace money to…

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  • Digital Radiology Advantages And Disadvantages

    INTRODUCTION In the new digital world in which we find ourselves, the advancement of digital medical imaging is no exception. Endless opportunities abound with the vision of the all-digital radiology department. The digital transformation allows for new practice models, new clinical applications and added benefits for both patients and stakeholders that may have only been imaginable in the not so distant past. This document will outline the key elements of the digital radiology department, the…

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