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  • The Importance Of Creationism In Public Schools

    Evolution is the theory of modern biology, concerning all biological areas, this theory has supported evidence and many scientists believe it to be truth. Creationist beliefs are not a scientific alternate interpretation to evolution. This is the reason why creationism should not become part of public school curriculums, first for the fact that it is illegal, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibits the government from establishing religion. Requiring that public schools are not to…

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  • Jean-Jacque Rousseau's Analysis

    Throughout Jean-Jacque Rousseau’s Emile, Rousseau explains in detail, his version of an ideal education. Rousseau’s educational methods of urging children to independently think through examples such as religion and science would be highly beneficial but his practice of withholding children from society would deem the child a stranger in modern society. In this paper, I will provide a brief overview of Rousseau’s methods above advocating children to think for themselves through science and…

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  • Theory Of Evolution

    universally rejected by those who don’t”. For many generations, people have questioned the origin of the human species and how we came about. Until the 19th century, people had no scientific clue as to how humans came to be the walking, talking, intelligent species we are today. With the introduction of evolutionary theory by Charles Darwin, we finally have an idea of how we evolved over many generations to become the species we are. Some people in today’s society are opposed to the theory,…

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  • Why Do God Exist

    Because God always existed in reality and understanding, created the universe and things in the universe, God is also the Intelligent Designer (will use Creator as a shorter term). If something exists, it has an intended purpose because it was created by God, who neither requires or needs a purpose to exist nor to have a purpose for things to exist. All things that exist or will exist in the universe were created by God for a puipose. Whether a specific or undefined purpose is irrelevant to…

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  • The Importance Of Creation Vs. Evolution

    Though their decision ultimately relies on faith many creationist/evolutionist support their beliefs with facts. There are billions of people in the world which means billions of opinions and motives. Considering this it is very hard to find the truth about anything much less an argument which so many people feel so strongly about. All this results more times then not, in false evidence or evidence which was tainted by an emotion. Finding the truth to whether the earth was created or…

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  • Modern Day Theory Of Evolution Essay

    The modern day theory of evolution was created over many centuries of research by many different scientists, it has been changed and rewritten multiple different times up until now, but there may be even more changes in the future. All living organisms on Earth have a common ancestor known as the LUCA or Last Universal Common Ancestor. The LUCA lived around 3.8 billion years ago, although a study done in the last two years has found evidence of biotic life existing 4…

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  • Moral Law In Francis Collins The Language Of God

    The Language of God Francis Collins was a man that accomplished something that was not thought to happen during his lifetime. That was to sequence the entire human genome. He was the director of the Human Genome Project which has been completed. Three years after mapping the entire human genome which consisted of 3.1 billion letters, he went on to write The Language of God. He is a theist which is uncommon for a scientist. The first 6 chapters of The Language of God broke the ice. It gave the…

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  • Comparing Theories Of Evolution And Creation

    Compare Evolution and Creation There has been a lot of theories on how the earth came into existence. In this paper we are going to look at the two, most popular theories evolution vs creation. The Creationist thinks God spoke the world into existence. The Evolutionist thinks the world started with a “big bang.” To look at the subject of how the earth came into existence we need to set our personal differences aside. Let us start with how humans and plants came about. We all have cells, we…

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  • Compare Evolutionism And Creationism

    In what extend, creationism and evolutionism create a controversy among experts? Evolutionism versus creationism are one of the most controversial topics in our modern world and because of that, there are several hypotheses about the origin of species, from the theory of evolution by Charles Darwin to the theory of the creator in the holy bible; these hypotheses can be view skeptically since there are a few areas of knowledge and ways of knowing that we can look at. Then, what…

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  • Evolutionary Creation Debate Summary

    In the article, Evolutionary Creation: Beyond the Evolution vs. Creation Debate, the author, Denis Lamoureux, explains the term “evolutionary creation”. This term is used to describe a collection of Christians who embrace both ideas of creation and evolution. Traditionally, creation is used by faithful Christians to describe the origins of the universe and reject the notion by scientists that the universe and life are products of evolution. The views of evolutionary creationists are sometimes…

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