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  • Similarities And Differences Between New England And Southern Colonies

    Comparison of New England and Southern Colonies British New World Colonies were established in different regions of the present day East Coast of North America, but the motives for establishment, social, political, and economic aspects couldn’t have varied more greatly. The different terrains of land and relationships with Britain seemed to set the colonies and their settlers more different than alike, but with their shared economic roots in agriculture, variant importance of religion, and “a…

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  • Senda Berenson Perseverance In Sports

    A true athlete knows how much a sport can take out of a person, both figuratively and literally, and creating any sport is just as difficult as playing one. Without a doubt, Senda Berenson was the biggest sport advocate to show true perseverance and determination because she plowed through her obstacles, overcame restrictions, and had incredible persistence. Although Berenson can be argued as the biggest sport advocate to basketball players worldwide, so can James Naismith because he showed…

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  • Galileo Galilei's Life, The Enlightenment, And The Industrial Revolution

    In this course, History 102 Western Civilization Post 1689, the five things I have learned are: Galileo Galilei’s life and accomplishments, political and social thought in the Enlightenment, the industrial revolutions in Europe, Russian Revolution, and the era of totalitarianism. I feel that this course had taught me so much about topics that I only learned a small amount about in my educational career. The topics I have selected are ones that I feel made a large impact in the world, and some in…

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  • Voltaire's Loss Of Innocence

    “Life is thickly sown with thorns, and I know no other remedy than to pass quickly through them. The longer we dwell on our misfortunes, the greater is their power to harm us.”(Book 6, Voltaire) An experience that can improve human life, where disappointment is the important passage from innocence to experience, which is the experience of our own self being. The innocence represents childhood, the period of naivety, honesty and honor. Whereas, the experience qualifies through the journey of…

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  • Social Identity Theory And Social Interactions To Queue Jumping

    They were also able to deduce from this study that those who preceded the intruders in the line felt more distaste for the queue jumpers as opposed to those in front of the queue jumpers (Milgram et al, 1986). This study demonstrates the social implications that queue jumping can have on an individual and the reason that so much weight has been assigned to the importance of researching queue jumping is because through this human interest, social theories, such as the “Social Identity Theory”…

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  • The Influence Of DNA Testing On African Americans

    One reason that DNA testing attracted people’s attention is it is ability to uncover that ancestry information that individuals who have been disconnected from their ancestor’s homeland. For instance, during the period of slavery, European brought a large of number of slaves from various parts of Africa to the New World and those slaves have in America for generations. DNA examination brings hope for these African Americans because it can trace back their ancestry which helps African Americans…

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  • Promobot: The Invention Of Artificial Intelligence

    The human brain is a product of millions of years of evolution. This organ has enabled monumental achievements since the existence of humankind and was important the development of tools and technologies necessary for the progressive advancement of civilization. Technologies such as water canals for irrigation and agriculture, automobiles and other vehicles for transportation and visiting areas of the world unreached for many millennia, and usage of ancient scriptures and eventually the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Why I Am A Stranger?

    Strangers are simply friends, we haven’t met yet. Strangers are dangerous. Strangers are strange. To someone I am a stranger, and to me you’re a stranger. We may become friends, or we may continue to walk different paths the rest of this lifetime. This could be down to luck, destiny, or our own life planning. Due to frequent déjàvu episodes I sign onto the internet to ferret out information. According to the medical websites, this could be the sign that a mental illness is about to present…

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  • Mani's Manicheanism

    Mani was the founder of the religion Manicheanism. The reason why he is even relevant in this book is because at the end of Gnosticism, Mani was the individual to take Gnosticism and make it into a religion. The religion itself taught that life is a dualist system in which all is black or white. Also, because of this dualism, none of the things that seemed opposite shall meet. At the time, Mani was famous for his story strikingly resembling the story of Jesus. It is said that at the age of…

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  • Karma And Neo Paganism

    As a representative of Witchcraft and Paganism many of these little misconceptions really irritate me , at times they seem so small and at other times they are so big that I feel like my head is going to explode. Many of these misconceptions are passed around from group to group , solitary to solitary , coven to coven , book to book , word of mouth to mouth .Most of these misconceptions people take as they are truth , and the law of the ways , and they simply are not , they can be…

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