Inorganic compound

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  • Pylos Perfume

    Perfumes have been used for a variety of things throughout antiquity. The uses of perfume are interesting because they were not only used to scent the body but also for medicinal purposes. While there is ample evidence for the use of them in the different places around the Mediterranean Sea, I decided to focus my experiment on a site in Pylos, Greece. Pylos contains a well excavated Mycenaean palace. My hope with this experiment is to recreate the perfume of Mycenaean Pylos, while also showing…

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  • Dangers Of Cannabis

    Furthermore, it would be consumed with no constructive purposes in the form of a leisure pastime. In addition, it is suspected to have a higher presence of THC. The compound THC is popularly believed to induce hypnotic properties like calmness, creativity, clarity, joy, peace, hypersensitivity, and dogmatism. Critics in favor of recreational cannabis might argue that the psychoactive effects are similar to the naturally…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Three Senses Of Who I Am

    Senses,mostly everyone has 5.In most cases it makes a person.I have three senses in particular that make some part of me and they are sight,smell,and hearing g.The senses are found in 3 of my favorite things glitter,perfume scent,and quietness.All 3 are senses that when put together make some part of my personality; of who I am. Glitter! A noun that 's defines as tiny pieces of sparkling material used for decoration to give something that WOW factor. Glitter ,such a fun thing to use yet a mess…

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  • Vaping Pros And Cons Essay

    Additionally, there are little to no regulations of vaporizors and the liquids that they use. This means the companies are free to place various and untested chemical compounds in their formulas. Propelyne glycol is the most common base for vaporizor liquids. Little research and few observations have been made about the health consequences of breathing in this substance. It is also unknown how the second hand vapor may…

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  • Acme Products Case Study

    Acme Products, Inc., requires a new machine to produce a part for a heat generator. Two companies have submitted bids, and you have been assigned the task of choosing one of the machines. Cash flow analysis indicates the following: Year Machine A Machine B ---- --------- --------- 0 -$1,000 -$1,000 1 0 417…

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  • Azo Dye Lab Report

    product in the lab. They have the ability to do this due to the molecules of the dyes possessing conjugation. Conjugation is defined as p-orbitals overlapping which causes the electrons within to be delocalized; it is also seen in molecules and compounds that contain alternating double bonds. Systems that possess conjugation absorb energy in the ultraviolet-visible region of the spectrum to cause excitement of electrons and the transitions. When the electrons get excited, they jump from lower…

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  • My First Chemistry Lab

    Phenacetin would mainly be in the cytosol. Our predictions were not very off. In fact, we were pretty on point thanks to the pre-lab work. We learned how to determine the polarity of the compounds from their chemical structure. We knew the order of the most hydrophilic compound and the most hydrophobic compound. Although we didn’t not complete three reliable trails, we were on point with the prediction and that makes me feel confident in the results. This experiment helped us…

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  • The Sleeper Effect

    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This is a powerful quote by Maya Angelou that can be applied to daily life, but also to the complicated world of marketing products in national companies. The main idea of marketing is to capture how certain products make people feel and how business owners can use that knowledge to sell their products. The well-known American retail store Bath and Body Works…

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  • A Ray Of Hope In Marie Lu's Legend

    A Ray of Hope Much like the dystopian and corrupt Republic in Marie Lu’s Legend, the world seems to be a sea of violence, destruction, death, and overall chaos. However, there is a way for some to survive. The American government has created vaults, or well fortified buildings, that can guarantee the safety of those inside during these hard and cruel times in the world, meaning that there is hope for some of the civilians to survive. Unfortunately, there is a keyword there and it is “some.”…

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  • Principle Of Green Chemistry

    thereby increasing the efficiency of the reactions. Furthermore, the reactions were conducted in accordance to the principles of green chemistry. These principles are utilized to design synthesis processes which minimize the production of malignant compounds that can cause accidents in the laboratory.1 The products collected…

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