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  • Marilyn Case Study

    Interstellar Regulations: Any stowaway discovered in an EDS shall be jettisoned immediately following discovery. TP, p. 25 One may ask, how could a EDS pilot not detect a beautiful youthful girl entering his cruiser? Marilyn, an innocent eighteen year old with sky blue eyes in those mesmerizing vegan gypsy sandals. Marilyn appeared to innocently ponder on a EDS that seemed solid and safe like the Earth. Unknowingly, she was only an innocent stoway that would eventually be executed and sacrificed…

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  • Daisy Buchanan Character Analysis Essay

    idolizes and strives to be like. Daisy accessorizes herself and the elements around her in white to show individuals that she is upper class and pure. She strives to make everyone around her believe she is a charming, courteous women. Daisy shows her innocence through her loyalty to her no good, deceiving husband. She aspires to stay by his side, even when she was accustomed to several opportunities to escape all of her problems. Daisy may seem as if she has all of the materials a woman can…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Nothing To Fear Analysis

    Maycomb is a small, sleepy town. The children know that their ancestors all started in Maycomb. For them, Maycomb is the whole world. Nothing exciting goes on there, so they seem to make things appear to be more exciting to entertain themselves. Lee uses this sense of boredom and sleepiness present in the town to create a sense of surprise and interest as Maycomb turns out to be anything but boring in the events that happen during the novel. Everyone in Maycomb gets along fine, but they create…

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  • Into The Wild And Catcher In The Rye Analysis

    accomplish their desires alone. In Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer and Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, the protagonists, Chris and Holden, each go on an adventure in search of something greater. After rejecting society because it constantly threatens innocence, both Chris and Holden realize that experience is not always negative as they feel the compassion of others. In Into the Wild, Chris rejects society so much that he decides to move out west. When he was young, his father cheated on…

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  • Role Of Ignorance In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

    kill a mockingbird’”(119), and that is deeply proven as the mockingbird is a symbol to represent Tom Robinson and how killing an innocent black man is wrong. Especially when they were the ones subjected to a crime. Since the mockingbird represents innocence, it can also be used to represent Boo Radley. Boo Radley was wronged by his father after an innocent child prank in which he was simply part of…

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  • She Walks In Beauty Gorden Analysis

    is pure kindness in her heart that would not appreciate wealth and glory as she does life and love. The Literary Devices site states that the reason for her pleasant nature comes from her outside beauty and thus is the reason for her purity and innocence. He concludes the poem with this; “A mind at peace with all below, a heart whose love is innocent!” (Lines 17 and 18). At this last stanza I find that Bryon thought of her so much more than just a pretty face. All of her is beautiful and he may…

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  • Holden As The Red Hunting Hat Analysis

    J.D. Salinger’s, The Catcher in the Rye, is generally discerned as the story of a sixteen year old boy, known as Holden Caulfield, who struggles to find peace after his brother’s death. Holden wanders aimlessly around New York in the winter for two days and attempts to save children from falling into adulthood and becoming what he calls, phonies. He, generally, will settle until genuine feelings are shown, which leads to his running away. Salinger captures the significance of Holden’s late…

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  • Mary Warren Character Analysis

    or righteous path to success. 18. Mary Warren is initially described as an “subservient, naïve, lonely girl.” She quickly shows herself to be very timid. Because of her kind, innocent personality, another girl (Abigail, whose apparent Mary-like innocence is entirely a fraudulent facade) takes advantage of her easily. 20. Abigail believes that Proctor and her are to be lovers, and Proctor firmly has stated that he does not see that happening. She says that he and her had a mutual attraction, and…

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  • Monstrosity In Mark Doty's Now You Re An Animal

    Monstrosity isn’t always what is perceived on the outside. Becoming one with an animal, having animalistic tendencies, or an alter ego of a beast can be considered monstrous to society. In the poem “Why do you keep putting animals in your poems”, the man depicted in the poem is learning from the animals in the poem. He also realizes that the animalistic way of life is much simpler than the life of a human. In “Now You’re An Animal” by Mark Doty the professor goes into a studio to get his picture…

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  • Mentally Handicapped In Of Mice And Men Essay

    Why blame a mentally handicapped person for their actions when they don’t understand what they are doing? In John Steinbeck’s novel Of Mice and men Lennie causes something to happen everywhere they go, and does things that always have a bad outcome even though he doesn’t know any better. He either tries to cause something bad to happen or do something he shouldn’t do. George always tells him what to do and what not to do and most of the time he does or doesn’t listen.…

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