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  • The Negative Consequences Of Social Networks

    Do you ever just get on a social network and post about how you are doing or where you are at and what you are doing that day? Many of us are guilty of this, but very few to none think about any of the consequences. Whatever the reason may be for one to have a social network, my research shows we need to pay closer attention to what we post; we have no control over who can really see our profiles. Everyone needs to understand the good and the bad consequences of having social networks. Weigh out…

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  • Agreeing The Purpose, Content, Layout, Quality Standards And Deadlines For The Production Of Documents

    includes logo of hotel. - Information will be clear, readable and accurate. - Get my hotel manager to review the document and suggest any changes before start printing process. - Decide on number of copies required and order print material 10 days before the event. - Ensure the posters are displayed at least 7 days before the event. - Place the posters in visible places around the hotel to ensure they reach all our guests. Action: Q10 a)Describe the type of information in finished documents…

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  • Erp Operational Plan

    Globalization in the modern world, as well as the advancement of information technology, has prompted every business to embrace information systems in all their activities for their ultimate success. Decisions require the collection of information to enable the accumulation of assets in the long run. Information processing, on the other hand, requires the business to embrace information systems of the advanced technology. Where a company applies information system technology in its operations,…

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  • Eric Schlosser's The Jungle

    meat packing plants that begs the question (Fast Food Nation). His work bears a remarkable similarity to Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle written almost one hundred years ago. Schlosser wrote his book from a different approach but contains shocking information of how our meat is still processed today. He is rightly known as the Upton Sinclair of today. Schlosser went on a meat packing tour and explored the meat packing plant for himself (169). At the time of his book, he stated that meat packing…

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  • Arduino UNO Lab Analysis

    binary images. This said to be pre-processing of images. Then filtering was performed for removal of noise from images. Color of traffic light was detected based on threshold values. Hough transform was done for the detection of shape and based on the medval the road signs are classified. Fig 1 represents the work flow of the proposed system. 3.1 Pre-processing of images Before extracting information from the image, it is necessary to apply some pre-processing procedures. The first step is to…

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  • Broadbent's Bottleneck Theory Of Attention

    When looking at the selecting or filtering of information it seems natural to discuss Broadbent’s bottleneck theory of attention (as cited in Broadbent, 1958). Broadbent proposed that incoming information is filtered out early based on physical characteristics, thus suggesting the majority of received information is not consciously processed. In the aforementioned procedure Broadbent discovered participants were able to recall information (sets of numbers) simultaneously presented to each ear…

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  • Case Study Of Fuzzy Inference System

    spin echo sequence (180 mm, 3 slice thickness and 256 matrix). One hundred thirty (130) patients had an MRI scan, either before being seen by medical expert outpatient clinics or after being examined by the medical assistant, if further diagnostic information was…

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  • Monsanto Food Practices

    thirty-eight (Pollan 113-117). This is just one of the many bizarre and often dangerous results of the conduct of the food processing industry. Many other foods carry a much higher risk. Americans should be made aware of the questionable practices used during commercial food processing to allow them to make informed decisions about what to buy and eat. Many of the problems with the food processing industry are a direct result of the issues in corn production. The United States Department of…

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  • Eric Schlosser's Fast Food Nation

    Eric Schlosser, in his book, Fast Food Nation, advocates for changes in how American food is recently being produced in meatpacking industries. Schlosser’s purpose is to end meatpackers ability to sell and raise their cattle as they wish even if it is less than acceptable. He argues against the corporate corruption using the devices of anecdote, logos, and tone. Schlosser begins chapter nine of his book by narrating the consequences of the industrialization of beef in america. He appeals to the…

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  • Hue, Saturation, And Intensity Aresi In HSI Color Model

    As the RGB to HSI image processing algorithm is be implemented in hardware, a digitised version of the three primary colours are used. For the implementation of the RGB to HSI algorithm in hardware R, G, B are used specifically to indicate digitised inputs of red, green and blue…

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