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  • Dante's Inferno: The Seventh Circle Of Hell

    As a finance major, I agree with Dante’s warning or hoarding and squandering wealth. From a more economical point of view, our world consists of two types of people, lenders and borrowers. The economy can only function when the people with money can lend to the people without money. Through this process people with money can be good stewards of their money and help those with less afford things they need, like houses. This whole process is built upon stewardship, justice and love and…

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  • Equal Punishment In Dante's Inferno

    Since Francesca and Paolo engaged in a love affair upon their death they were sentenced to hell. When they received their judgement, they were sent to circle 2, the lustful. They were sentenced here because the both of them committed a sin through their love affair. Then upon speaking to Francesca she tells him about what she went through while she was alive and living her life with her husband. While speaking, she continues to shift blame on to others and not herself but she also speaks of how…

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  • Punishments And Punishment In Dante's Inferno

    Dante Alighieri who was a prominent Italian author of the 14th century wrote Inferno to give insight on the society of Florence as the 14th century was notorious for its corrupt governments and rivals among groups of people. As being called the The Cautionary Tale, Inferno can be relevant today as it serves as a message of people committing sin will be punished depending on the severity of their wrongdoings. Even though the poem exaggerates the punishments, it serves as a message that people…

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  • Sin And Crime In Dante's Inferno

    Peter Troia EL 3560-Literature of Europe Professor Keizer December 14th 2015 Sin and Crime in Dante's Inferno Sin in Dante’s , Dante walks through hell with a roman poet as a guide. He explains that hell is portrayed as nine circles of suffering and is located within the earth. Different sinners in hell are made to undergo different forms of suffering that represent their crimes of sins while on the earth. There are nine circles of hell two broader divisions; the upper hell and the…

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  • Theme Of Freedom In Dante's Inferno

    define the idea of freedom, there must be a distinction between different views of freedom. Since autonomy encompasses a vast range of notions, by taking a look at what a freedom is not, then a sense of freedom can be narrowed down. From the work, The Inferno the main character Dante is placed in an unfamiliar setting and begins the process of grasping his independence. Dante Alighieri purposely uses…

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  • Examples Of Allegory In Dante's Inferno

    of depression to a state of joy. It is about mankind, who by exercising free-will bring punishing or rewarding justice to themselves (Dante). “The Divine Comedy: Inferno” is full of allegories. Three of them are the leopard of malice and fraud, the lion of violence and ambition, and the she-wolf of incontinence. “The Divine Comedy: Inferno” is about Dante’s journey through Hell which was written while he was in exile. He starts off in what is known as “the darkwood”, which represents the…

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  • Dante's Inferno Greek Analysis

    In Dante’s Inferno, Dante Alighieri writes himself as a traveler who is traversing through the realm of the underworld with the Roman poet Vergil as his guide. In documenting his journey, Dante continually references and encounters both fictional characters and historic figures from the Greek, Roman and Catholic canon. In doing so, he brings the characters and figures back to life, allowing him to rewrite them in his own context and perspective. By reviving these characters and melding the…

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  • Inferno In The Divine Comedy By Dante Alighieri

    Alighieri’s most famous literary work is likely his epic poem The Divine Comedy. This epic poem is divided into three parts: Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. The most popular of these segments is Inferno, which has been translated numerous times in several different languages. Inferno is about the main character, named Dante, and his journey through the different circles of hell with his guide Virgil. Hell is divided into nine main circles, each one pertaining to a specific sin. With each sin,…

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  • Theme Of Punishment In Dante's Inferno

    What is the punishment for sins committed in one’s life? Dante attempts to answer this question in Inferno, the first section of The Divine Comedy. In this section, Dante travels through the different layers of hell and observes the people and their punishments in each circle. Alighieri’s Inferno attempts to assign punishment to each sin. However, his punishments are not assigned haphazardly. As Dante travels through the first three layers of punishment in hell, he observes the symbolic…

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  • Cultural Syncretism In Dante's Inferno

    is attempting to portray to the audience. Charon, the navigator of the River Styx, is called back to do an encore of the job he had done for Inais and bring yet another living soul into the world of the dead, though in this case it is the hellish Inferno of Dante’s Christianity dominated creation and not the Underworld of Greek and Roman lore. Further, each circle of hell Dante describes…

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