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  • Dante's Inferno Literary Analysis

    “Inferno”: A Polysemous Literary Work In the Divine Comedy written by Dante Alighieri, the title of this epic poem may imply that this timeless piece of literary work contains the writings of wit and humor. However, the beginning of the poem begins with Dante waking up “Midway upon the journey of our life” in a dark forest before embarking on a journey through nine circles of hell (Longfellow 7). The Divine Comedy is composed of three segments: Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. While the poem…

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  • Dante's Inferno Research Paper

    being Santa Clause. Parents threaten children that Santa Clause will not come, unless they behave well. Other examples include, reward systems, activity times, and punishments. The most consequential propaedeutic know was introduced by Dante in his Inferno. “Both damnation and blessedness, weal and woe, are not something imposed from without, but rather something developing out of the inner being....” (Scartazzini) Dante uses allegories to explain the fates of hell. These extremely graphic…

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  • In The Mind Of A Madman In Dante's Inferno

    In the Mind of a Madman In Dante 's Inferno, a highly politically religious man by the name of Dante Alighieri gives his very descriptive ideal of his underworld and the sinners that are being punished for their sins in the mortal world. In the same respect, a high school sophomore will give his ideas of the inferno which resembles a Russian Nesting Doll in a scrambled order of the seven deadly in the order of gluttony, slothful, envy, lust, greed, pride and wrath for this is from the mind of…

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  • The Vice Of Fraud In Dante's Inferno

    Hell, as envisioned by Dante Aligheri in the 14th century, was classified into several circles, representing sins that fall into the themes of incontinence, violence, or fraud. Dante’s organization of The Inferno was meticulous and extremely detailed, to the point where some even labelled his Inferno as a “perfectly functioning bureaucracy” (V: Note 9-12) . While he was very successful and venerated for creating such a comprehensive idea of Hell, if his concept is the standard that must be lived…

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  • Earthly Contrapasso In Dante's Inferno

    intimidated by hell, yet Dante uncovers the after life, as he perceives it to be. Dante’s Inferno is an interpretation in guiding one through the importance of fulfilling a morally virtuous, Christian-belief enduring lifespan. Circle I, Limbo, is a valley filled with souls who allegedly never did anything morally wrong, but were not baptized and therefore not allowed into heaven. Dante’s beliefs in Inferno upon salvation, the afterlife and sinful nature contradict the Biblical perspective, while…

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  • Canto 18 Dante's Inferno

    Canto 18 Dante and Virgil are outside the eighth Circle of Hell, known as Malebolge. The circle has a wall along the outside, and has a circular pit in the center. The ridges create ten separate pits. This is where the people receive their punishment for fraud. This is where Virgil and Dante see souls from one side to another. The demons with great whips cause pain to the souls when they come to the demon’s reach, which then force the souls to the other ridge. There is an Italian that Dante…

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  • Dante's Inferno Canto Vii

    Canto XXVI begins with Dante sarcastically praising his native city Florence for having so many of its citizens populating Hell: with so many thieves, Florence has earned such a widespread fame not only on Earth but also in Hell! The poet Virgil, Dante’s guide through Hell and Purgatory, now leads him along the ridges to the Eighth Pouch, where they see thousands of little flames flickering in a deep, dark valley, and reminding Dante of fireflies on a hillside. Virgil informs Dante that each…

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  • Dante's Inferno And King Lear Comparison Essay

    of the human experience. It is something that both Dante Alighieri and William Shakespeare took note of hundreds of years ago and something that both of them thought was a topic important enough to explore through their respective writings Dante’s Inferno and King Lear. With these works being written hundreds of years apart, there are of course some different approaches to the idea. Both works feature completely different landscapes, but they both seem to convey the same message: our decisions…

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  • Examples Of Punishments In Dante's Inferno

    Was Dante Trying to Scare the Hell Out of Us? (A discussion of how Dante’s The Inferno, is used as a moral propaedeutic) “Heaven would be wonderful, but it looks even more wonderful when there is also a threat of Hell. People probably believe in Heaven more when they have just been threatened with Hell.” (Heflick). People of the church are often known for their ability to make individuals who do not attend church feel lesser and more sinful than themselves. This seems to be the case because…

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  • Multiple Major Sins In Dante's Inferno

    If someone has done multiple major sins, where would they be positioned in the inferno according to Dante? Dante’s greatest work, The Inferno, tells the story of many individuals who have sinned, and it categorizes them into different levels depending on what they did. Using his guidelines, many stories of people could be placed into the inferno. Sometimes it is quite easy to see where someone would be placed, for instance, if they committed a murder, they would be drowning in a river of blood.…

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