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  • Social Effects Of The Industrial Revolution

    1. Introduction: The Industrial Revolution was the introduction of new manufacturing styles, including going from hand production methods to machines. The first industry to use modern production methods was the textile industry (Landes D. S., 1969). It created a major turning point in history where almost every aspect of our daily lives was influenced in some way (Lucas, 2002). Some economist stated that one of the biggest impacts of the Industrial Revolution was the consistent increase of the…

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  • The Impact Of The Cultural Revolution In China

    Since the late 1970s, China has experienced unprecedented economic growth and development. Established in 1949, the People’s Republic of China, under the governance of Mao Zedong and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) set forth to achieve national unity, social and economic change and freedom from foreign interference (Cienciala, 1999). Mao’s economy was established by 1952, and was a socialist, command economy (Mitter, 2008). Started on the simple principle frequently stated by Deng Xiaoping,…

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  • Was Russia Ready For Revolution By 1903 Essay

    To what extent was Russia ready for revolution by 1903? By 1903, there was existing tension that continued to grow amongst the five social classes of the Russian Empire, with the peasants and workers, who comprised 86% (historylearninsite) of the population, growing increasingly discontent with the autocratic regime which the tsar adamantly elected not to reform. Autocracy, under tsar Nicolas II could no longer conceal the rapidly-emerging political, economic and social problems that were…

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  • Differences And Similarities Between 1984 And Metropolis

    without the “Hands” none of the futuristic technology would exist such as the tele screens. Both composers make similar points in relation to the idea of technology warning that we need to consider the effect on society brought about by rapid industrialisation and misuse of…

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  • Was Tsar Nicholas Responsible For The Fall Of The Romanov Dynasty Essay

    was so unfitted for the role and never really governed Russia.” The industrial revolution throughout russia had just been started at the time of the First World War, this is partly to blame for the fall of the Romanov Dynasty. Due to late industrialisation, the economy of russia was very weak, leading to there being no way for russia to provide for its people, soldiers and even war supplies. The russian army was even left with ridiculous supplies, many soldiers fighting barefoot and without…

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  • Mao's Three-Anti Movement Analysis

    While Mao’s political agenda is often derided, the challenges he tackled and achieved success over in his early years of leadership are overlooked by many. China had faced a weak central government under the Qing Dynasty Mao provided a strong central government that alleviated poor conditions subsequent to Imperial China. Mao intended to bring social reforms, improve sanitation, reducing the spread of disease and bridge the gap of gender inequality by introducing women’s rights. Essentially, as…

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  • Railway Expansion Essay

    It also played a major role in the limited industrialisation India had achieved during the British especially in establishment of metallurgical industries like iron and steel industry. It has played key role in emergence of large metropolises of Bombay, Calcutta and Madras.for the agricultural sectors…

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  • Joseph Stalin's Policy Of Collectivization

    significant because it helped to bring Russia into the modern era and develop the country as before Russia was stagnating under Tsarism whilst the rest of the world was moving forward. It helped modernise Russia through supporting the forced industrialisation of Russia’s…

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  • Analysis Of Dr. Seuss's The Lorax

    richness of the Trufulla trees offers a myriad of economic and business ventures that appeals to Once-Ler’s interest. In seeing the Trufulla trees’ potential value in being a natural resource for his brand’s products, it becomes a victim to industrialisation and consumerism. In being “entirely spent by humanity” (Sloane, 420), nature embodied by the Trufulla trees then loses its value as it withers, dies, and falls into near extinction. The obsession with “seizing nature [and leaving it] in…

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  • Alexander III's Peasant Life

    Peasant life also improved under Alexander III, who in 1882 established the Peasant Land Bank to help peasants buy additional land from the nobles. Which mitigated some of the financial burden faced by the peasantry after the emancipation of 1861 and diminished distress and unrest in the countryside. Polunov asserts Nikolai Bunge is credited with the founding of “a Peasant Land Bank, on May 18, 1882”, however, it's likely Alexander III would receive the credit even if he was not at the forefront…

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