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  • Discrimination In Helping Profession

    Being in the helping profession is not only learning about theories and putting them into practice. Being in the helping profession is more than just seeing clients and applying your techniques to help them. An individual in the helping profession needs to have multicultural competence to be an all-round effective counselor. A counselor cannot consider himself or herself to have multicultural competence if they only read the material. A counselor needs to participate and engage in an environment…

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  • Mani Leadership Retreat Analysis

    Right from the start, the facilitators already had the participants doing an activity for us to break us out of our shells. On the way there we had to sit next to someone that we did not know and learned things about them in which we had to present later on as evidence that we did the activity. Right away from the start, I made a friend that I will never forget. Mani went on for three days…

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  • Age Of Reason Analysis

    history, some groups would have agreed with him, and he would have faced the risk of death for this statement in some. Romantics and individuals from the Age of Reason would agree with him: each of these groups pushed that an individual should do what he feels is right over what his society wants him to do. Romantics support this concept in its entirety; individuals from the Age of Reason supported the concepts of natural laws, including the freedom of speech, so…

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  • Analysis Of John Stuart Mill's Social Contract

    individuality and when there can be “sovereignty of the individual over himself”; however, he also argues the point that control should be given whenever society and the individual have an interest in a particular part of human life (82). Mill rejects the notion of a social contract, which Locke argues for, but due to the protections provided by society, the citizens owe a return for these benefits. He defines the harm principle by each individual having the right to act however they please, as…

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  • Why Do People Need To Intervene

    Often times individuals are faced with situations that are not morally acceptable to society. Bystanders who witness a conflict are obligated to generate a decision of whether to isolate themselves from the scene or take responsibility into their own. Although it is shocking when an individual is unwilling to help another in a time of need, people need to discern the reasoning of why they believe it is not their responsibility to intervene. The attack in New York City launched a whole new feel…

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  • Kantian Deontology: The Formula Of Humanity

    Kantian Deontology provides an individual the ability to determine what is morally right and wrong. This theory focuses on the concept to treat others respectfully and to treat others the way they would want to be treated; this is based on the categorical imperative standard. In the Formula of Humanity, it is established that rational people should be focusing on treating other rational people as an end rather than a mere means. To simplify the formula, an individual should allow a person to…

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  • Examples Of Existentialism In Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis

    When one starts to argue with the concept of life, it is often because the individual does not find any joy on how to live their own life. If one questions their purpose, worry about if their contributions to society will become meaningless or the fear of no one appreciating them for who they are, it is guaranteed to bring a wide range of emotions that will affect the way of how the individual perceives his/her own character. The notion of someone losing their drive to face obstacles and…

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  • Source Analysis: The Threat To Free Speech At Universities

    audience to talk about the happenings in a university. Also, Lukianoff is an attorney and he is the President of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education(88). Lukianoff also writes for the Huffington Post and has written several articles about Free Speech and has appeared on CNN, CBS News, and Fox News to discuss free speech (Foundation For the Individual Rights in Education). Having credentials such as intensive schooling, job experience, and appearing on network news to discuss your…

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  • The Importance Of Art And Creative Arts In Africa

    Domestic Product(GDP) which is the total amount of goods and services produced within the country over a period in real terms So “How does economic development relate to the visual arts?” is a question you may ask at this point. It all begins with the right policies put in place to encourage the involvement of the person in the arts. For instance, an artist involved in the art of crafting in Ghana decides that because he is developing socially he wants to open a craft shop where he would be…

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  • Insanity In Beowulf, And Meditations

    So; insanity as the topic for a paper, should be pretty interesting as everything in our lives is in a sense insane. Insanity is a word that defines the very core of some individuals; it either results in a damaging of our souls or a clouding of our judgement. “Insanity; doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” –Albert Einstein. By definition every human is insane in their own sense; every human is innately insane it is just how we show it that defines us. Some…

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