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  • Proof Of Ramayana

    CHAPTER 4 4.1 FACTS TO PROVE REAL HAPPENINGS OF RAMAYANA The Ramayana is one of the prestigious possessions of Indian history and with Mahabharata, had a crucial role in shaping the nature and culture of Indian civilization. Ramayana was also a part of the oral tradition when it was recited as early as 1500 BCE, but was finally considered to be penned down in fourth century BCE. Many people of our modern generation have questioned the reality of Ramayana and considered it only a myth. However…

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  • The Character Beowulf From The Old English Epic Poem

    The character Beowulf from the Old English epic poem, Beowulf, has many traits that makes him a personal favorite of this writer. He is the first fantasy hero in English literature, and possesses several heroic traits. While he can be viewed as a hero, he has some flaws as he is but a human, but is still a great character. One striking characteristic of Beowulf is his strength and courage. Beowulf stands up to Grendel when no one else does and kills him. In their encounter, Beowulf clutches his…

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  • Courage, Strength, And Knowledge In Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    Courage, strength, and knowledge are noble qualities that make a strong leader. Rome was in need of leader who wanted well for his country and that person was Julius Caesar. Courage, strength and knowledge describe Julius Caesar. Courage is doing the impossible when it seems hard. Strength is being able to pull through the hard times and never giving up. Knowledge is the perception of fact or truth. These terms not only phrase Julius Caesar, but also a great leader. Some may say that his…

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  • Relationship Between Jesus And Beowulf

    The Connection Between Jesus and Beowulf For one to be great, one must live a life most people can not relate to. One great such man is the Anglo-Saxon hero, Beowulf. Beowulf lived a life that consisted of war and victories. Someone similar, Jesus, lived a sinless life that no one else can ever claim. Both Beowulf and Jesus are important to the world and their time. Jesus and Beowulf walked a pathed that not only showed their significance, but also showed their elevated status among their people…

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  • Literary Criticism Of Faust By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

    Despite the convoluted plot and philosophies, Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe introduces a single theme around the capacity and limitations of a man who, under a tailored philosophy of a hero, flunks miserably! A hero is someone that humanity idolizes as a god, like Superman to Metropolis, and model themselves to, like humanity to God. Someone who can be esteemed by the masses as an individual of divine morality and strength, an individual that never forfeits their beliefs under any strain. Therefore…

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  • Essay On Hero In Sir Gawain And Beowulf

    What is a Hero? What is a hero? Is it a dragon-slayer or a person with super powers? Most people would think so, but a true hero is one that displays courage, leadership and honor. Courage means, “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). A leader is “The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country. (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) Honor is “A good name” or “to respect” (Merriam-Webster…

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  • Courage In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

    Throughout the Middle English chivalric romance poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Alan Markman describes the protagonist as “the very best knight who sums up…the very best traits of all knights who ever lived” (Markman 576), due to his courageous reputation during the Arthurian period. However, Victoria Weiss disagrees with Markman’s statement, commenting that Gawain’s courage in the poem is viewed as “a lack of concern for human life” (Weiss 363). For the purposes of this study, medieval…

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  • The Epic Poem Of Beowulf

    one’s head. The epic poem of Beowulf captures the mind like one is watching the battle from the sidelines. It brings the audience in, and the amazing thing about the poem is that for the longest time these poems were not written down. Instead they were memorized and sung for the people, until monks finally learned to write. These monks not only wrote down the original poems, but some of them added a little twist of their own to reflect more on the beliefs of Christianity. An epic hero is a…

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  • Theogony Vs Iliad

    Luc Ferry’s The Wisdom of Myths, and Homer’s The Iliad are two extraordinary works of literature when it comes to tales of Greek mythology. The first gives a unique account of the birth of the universe following Hesiod's Theogony, starting at chaos and ending with order in the cosmos; while the later incorporates many detailed and unique characters and motifs that all help contribute into shaping the poem into something much more elegant than just a recollection of a war. The two works also…

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  • Double Entendre In The Wife Of Bath's Tale

    Some of the earliest double entendres are found in the Exeter Book, or Codex exoniensis, at Exeter Cathedral in England. The book was copied around 975 AD. In addition to the various poems and stories found in the book, there are also numerous riddles. The Anglo-Saxons did not reveal the answers to the riddles, but they have been answered by scholars over the years. Some riddles were double-entendres, such as Riddle 25 ("I am a wondrous creature: to women a thing of joyful expectation, to…

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