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  • Analyzing The Utilization Of Pesticides In Rachel Carson's Silent Spring

    In the book Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson the thesis was that pesticides were harming the environment and wildlife, especially birds. Carson focused her attention on the pesticide DDT, which was first made in 1874. DDT was used heavily during World War II to try and control the diseases typhus and malaria. So she presented research that pesticides can cause cancers, other ill effects and how they can gather in animals bodies through a process called bioaccumulation. Rachel Carson was a…

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  • Silver Spring Monkeys Case Summary

    I chose to study the famous Silver Spring Monkeys case, which is one of the biggest animal- rights cases to ever happen and the first to be brought to the U.S Supreme Court. It involves the highly acclaimed animals-rights group PETA and Dr. Edward Taub from the Institute of Behavioral Research. During May of 1981 in Silver Spring, Maryland, Alex Pacheco of the animals-rights group People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) went undercover as someone looking for a job at the Institute…

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  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory History

    The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, in Laurel Hollow, New York, is now one of the première non-profit, biological research institutes, specializing in cancer, quantitative biology, neuroscience, and genomics. It has advanced from a school that primarily trained high school and college teachers, to a key developer in molecular genetics and biology, as well as an institution that emphasizes educating the new generation of scientists and the public. According to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory…

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  • Vivien Rose: A Short Story

    Rose was relaxing at her favourite spot in the country, sitting under the big willow tree. She observed the snowdrop flowers that popped through the moist earth in the early spring. Watching the bubbling brook that wound its way through the field, past patches of lavender while she listened to the birds singing their songs of spring. Her dirty blonde hair blew in the breeze and her young green eyes shone brightly. She had never shown her special place to anyone. As far as she knew, no one else…

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  • Special Olympics Population Analysis Paper

    This paper is being written to identify and provide demographic information on a population that I am providing services while learning. The name of the organization I am working with over the spring break is identified as Special Olympics. Special Olympics has a lot of remarkable individuals, the only entity different about these individuals are their mental capacity or physical impairment; their learning performances are slightly lower than the average person. Can special needs individual…

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  • Lesson Goals: Curriculum Level: K Year Of The Year

    Grade Level: K Number of Students: 4 Instructional Location: Date: June 1, 2016 Lesson Goals Central Focus of Lesson: Identify Curriculum Area Addressed: Science Curriculum Standard(s) Addressed: 9.) Identify seasons of the year. Arts Area: Visual Arts Arts Standard(s) Addressed: Use selected materials to produce works of art. AED-K-1 Lesson Objectives and Demands Content Objectives: Students will know the seasons of the year. Students will be able to draw what seasons look…

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  • Water Pollution In Florida

    Florida’s best natural resource in the Sunshine State simply because it surrounds all of Florida and it is what draws people to our state. There are two big beautiful oceans that surround the state of Florida. There are also several lakes, rivers, springs and other bodies of water. Although, the biggest problem in Florida is the pollution going into Florida’s waterways; everyone has a role on the pollution. Homeowner’s are a part of the problem because they are trying to keep their lawns green…

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  • Personal Narrative: Saying Goodbye To E. L. Wright

    Wright. The only good thing that came out of that accursed school was some good friends. Meeting New Friends Some of the first friends I made were E.L. Wright graduates like me. After middle school we got enrolled in Spring Valley, where we met more people with common interest. Spring Valley is what changed my way of thinking about the world. I always believed that everyone just felt only hatred in their hearts for me. The teachers there were a lot kinder than the ones in middle school. The…

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  • Jonathan Benedek Case Study

    I had the pleasure of meeting with Jonathan Benedek. Mr. Benedek is also known as the Senior Director of Marketing for Indiana University Athletics. As the Senior Director of Marketing his main responsibilities focus on two main ideas of: the fan experience of going to athletic event and the basic marketing concepts of athletic events. The first main topic of the fan experience is focused on the free giveaways that happen at some events, the halftime entertainment and many more things. The…

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  • I Love Benedick Analysis

    then surely, surely, we can make a relationship last. He is sincere, I know it. He has aged, summers have passed, and he is wiser now. As am I. Seasons change, leaves wither and die in the cruel grasp of Winter’s slender claws; only to be reborn when spring beams her glorious smile. Perhaps our winter is beginning to end, as our ice-encased hearts begin to finally thaw. We will never be the same, too much has changed; we can never return to the naive love we once shared. No-one is ever the same…

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