Impact of the Peasant's revolt of 1381 Essay

  • Economic And Social Effects Of The Black Plague

    A malady as devastating as the Black Plague hasn 't existed for centuries and not one of the most deadly diseases have ever come close to besting its economic and social impact. Over 25-45% of Europe was killed by the plague and most were poor men. As a result of the death of millions of men across Europe, women- now fatherless, widows and some still wives-had the ability to integrate into workplaces without the multitude of sexism that existed before the plague. In rural areas, many families died at once and strong village communities suffered at the loss of citizens and leaders, but after the plague, the poor managed to gain opportunities in the midst of the development of a new country. The Jewish, who were often regarded as the bottom feeders of society, were saved from the worst of the plague as the Jewish ghettoes were separated from central society, but still, they suffered from the prominence of massacres of entire villages.After the plague, the Jewish population had dwindled and they remained scapegoats of European society. Positively, some church officials showed pity towards Jews and disgust toward massacres which benefited tolerance towards them. The economy and social standards of Europe were greatly changed as Jews gained sympathy and the prospects of women and the poor rising in importance after the plague ultimately because of the concentrated power held by individuals in Europe. Women gained importance in society. After the…

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  • Effects Of The Black Death

    were human, just like the peasants, despite the incredible power they were granted. This idea would later transform the social realms of society. The European countries affected by the Black Death would have to recreate their political assets in order to rebuild. The amount of lives lost during the Black Death altered the way the economic system in Europe operated because every occupational area from the medical field to laborers was left almost entirely bare. New workers were desperately…

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