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  • Improving Witness Identification

    For this week’s assignment, I decided to participate in the study titled, Improving Witness Identification by researchers Mitchell Seymour and Mai Trinh of Edith Cowan University. The “aim of this study is to investigate processes that underlie identification procedures in the criminal justice system” (Scott, 2015). This study is presented in the format of a questionnaire, which is “a valuable way of gathering information about large numbers of people. [T]he results of questionnaires can be…

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  • Research Paper On Eyewitness Testimony

    If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Pennsylvania, or elsewhere, then you know that your arrest may have been based on eyewitness testimony. Identifications and testimony given by eyewitnesses have long been considered one of the most reliable types of evidence. More and more, however, it has been shown that eyewitness recall might not be as accurate as it was once thought to be. In fact, Science magazine reports that eyewitness testimony was the basis for approximately 75 percent…

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  • Hispanic Self Identification

    ten years the U.S. government issues the decennial census which collects data about the actual count of people residing in the United States. The census contains questions pertaining to race and ethnicity, and these items are collected as self-identification items. When self-identifying on the census, respondents must choose the race or the races…

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  • Unknown Identification Test

    ABSTRACT: The Microbiology & Immunology Laboratory Unknown Identification Project is designed to test the students’ skills and knowledge of performing biochemical tests learned during the course of the lab. Students receive a numbered tube containing a mixed culture of two unknown organisms and are required to determine the identity of each microorganism by performing a series of biochemical tests of their choice. Unknown test tube #25 was obtained and streaked onto two agar plates to obtain…

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  • Radio Frequency Identification

    safety system which will management the entry and exit of scholars from the buses through an energy economical methodology. The planned system can management the entry and exit of scholars to and from the bus exploitation RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)…

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  • Contextual Bias In Criminal Investigation

    The study conducted under Lentini and DeHaan highlights that investigators cannot use patterns as a method to establish how a fire started. This is what caused arson investigation to be described as needing “much more research on the natural variability of burn patterns and damage characteristics” (NCJRS, 2009). This means that arson experts cannot simply look at patterns to determine its origin because there is still a lot unknown about arson and fire patterns in general. This is a common…

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  • Wrongful Conviction

    The crucial role here plays the officer, who should choose the fillers for the fair lineup, and give the eyewitness instructions before the lineup. The eyewitnesses, in most cases, will suggest the suspect’s facial features as the main factor in identification. Thus, the police lineup should consist of the fillers with the similar appearance as the suspect, to avoid any of them standing-out in the lineup. If the actual suspect has a distinctive feature, the police should either conceal or…

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  • Essay On The Validity Of Eyewitness Testimony

    eyewitness identification has been acknowledged for a while now. It is known for its stubborn suggestion to inaccuracy and sensitivity. Recognizing unfamiliar faces is actually what eyewitness identification is all about. A person as the eyewitness should remember factors of intrinsic, (built-in) and extrinsic (outward) memory; which is the procedure for their memory, on the contrary it can be misleading evidence. Lineups are part of an identification process and based on an eyewitness…

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  • Photographic Identification Case Study

    Photographic identification is more common than lineups and show-ups; however, judges have expressed their fear that the absence of the requirement of counsel at photographic identification "confrontations" might encourage police to abuse the identification process. (Wasberg, 2009) A “photo array” is a head-and-shoulders (mug shot) of the suspect and other mug shot pictures of people of similar age, race, and description, which a witness or victim attempts to pick the perpetrator. (Wasberg,…

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  • Voting Without Identification Essay

    People have had many disputes between the topic of of requiring to use identification to vote or not for years now. Though voting with identification is highly anticipated, I believe that voting without identification is the better argument due to having the government not have to restrict us when we want our individual rights and to do something, that we choose to do, to be restricted. People agree that voting with identification would be a good idea due to having the voting process a ton more…

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