Ice Cube Experiment Essay

  • Dangers Of Melting Ice

    with winter travel. This problem is relevant to the experiment since I will be testing different methods of melting ice. The solution resulting from the experiment can be used throughout the world to make our roads safer. The literary reviews for this experiment are from two different sources, which both identify problems and potential solutions that relate to this experiment. Virginia’s Road Anti-Icing, Pre-Treatment, and De-Icing article addresses several treatment types, the dangers of black ice, and the different chemicals used to treat roads (2009). According to the article, the Virginia Department of Transportation has four treatment types known as anti-icing, pre-treatment, de-icing, and pre-wetting, which all contribute to making the roadways safer. The two products that are used to treat roads are Sodium chloride, which is the primary snow-removal and ice-control product, and Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride, which melt ice at a lower temperature than salt. Another article, Salting Roads: The Solution for Winter Driving by Doris Kimbrough, details the same problems and solutions mentioned in the Department of Transportation article (2006). However, Kimbrough’s article goes more in depth on the chemical changes that occur during salting the roads, and the history of road salt. According to the article, salt has been used since the 1930s to both melt the ice that is already on the roadway and to prevent ice from forming. Additionally, Kimbrough writes…

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  • Thermal Energy

    mind when people think of energy are high level experiments that are conducted in labs. However, energy is just what is transferred from one object to the next when a reaction takes place. Energy is constantly being used in everybody’s daily life. Whether they know or not, everyone is constantly using some form of energy. Everything from walking, eating, and sleeping are all utilizing energy in different ways. Even applying ice to keep a glass of water cold is exerting a form of energy (“Heat…

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  • Experiment: Observing The Familiar

    Experiment 1: Observing The Familiar The skill of keen observation is vital in all educational subjects and in all aspects of life. The ability to describe and learn from observations undoubtedly results in a more educated, insightful, and inquisitive outlook. In science, observation is essential to the analytical process and in the findings of solutions for the world’s most perplexing issues. During this experiment an observation was conducted of a single ice cube in water. While confounding,…

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  • Ice Melts Essay

    Does the type of liquid affect how fast an ice cube melts? Does the type of liquid affect how fast an ice cube melts? In an experiment (not ours) involving three liquids, pop melted the ice within it the fastest out of the three. Molecules cause ice to melt in a pretty simple way. When salt is thrown on snow or ice, it prevents the ice or snow from freezing over once again. There are quite a few man-made ices, one being ice cubes. Glaciers have been around almost since the ice age, and they…

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  • Argumentative Essay About Ice Cubes

    conceal the ice cubes that I got at 11 pm from the liquor store in the depths of my freezer. Throughout the day, I would have to hide my ice cubes in a hydro flask, and every time I had a drink in my other bottle, I would have to go to the bathroom in the sketchiest of stalls to fill up. Consequently, one time I went to Haight street and while at the corner, I was actually asked about the rubber band on my wrist because I looked extremely sketchy. This same guy actually ended up offering me…

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  • Molar Heat Of Fusion Of Ice Lab Report

    Procedure: Before beginning each experiment, remove all clutter from the workstation and read the directions for the experiments thoroughly. Part 1: Warm slightly more than 300 mL of water to approximately 70 degrees Celsius. Measure out 150 mL of water into the coffee cup calorimeter. Take the temperature of this water in the coffee cup calorimeter once it has reached a steady temperature. Then, add an ice cube approximately the size of a large marshmallow. Stir the ice and water and measure…

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  • Heat Loss In Water Essay

    be kept warm and not to be manipulated by sudden change of weather (Pilkington & Grove 2012). In food packaging and water storage, both food and water were successfully kept hot until consumption by insulating materials (Navaranjan et al 2013). In this study, an experiment is carried out to determine which of the insulating material is best at keeping water warm/hot for duration of an hour? There are three insulating materials being tested in this paper. They are paper, polystyrene, and glass.…

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  • Fat Trimyristin Experiment

    accurate weighing and part two of the experiment, which was the preparation of myristic acid, by hydrolysis. A small amount of trimyristin was used for this part of the experiment, between 0.7-0.8g, was used for the hydrolysis. 25mL of ethanol and 10mL of 2 M NaOH was added to the trimyristin. The ethanol was used to cleave the polar bonds of the trimyristin and the sodium from the NaOH binds to the open oxygen on the trimyristin that formed a compound called sodium myristate. This reaction…

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  • Crayfish Essay

    reflex, when stimulated with rapidly approaching targets (Glantz, R.,1974). Small crayfish compared to larger crayfish respond more dramatically when encountered with a predator (Stein, R. A., & Magnuson, J. J. ,1976). Males spend more time in an aggressive behavior than females (Stein, R. A., & Magnuson, J. J. ,1976). Many factors can be considered but in this experiment we tested for the temperature of water to see if it would affect how long it will take the crustaceans to be comfortable. If…

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  • The Reflection Of My Knowledge About The Nature Of Science

    objects were going to melt when placed under the sun and why certain objects did not melt when we placed them outside. For this lesson, the level of inquiry that was implemented was level two because I told students what they were going to investigate and explore during the experiment, but students had to make their own conclusions based on what they observe. For this lesson, I planned to have students conclude their own conclusion based on what they observe in their experiment. Before taking…

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