Ice crystals

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  • Interhalogen Synthesis Lab Report

    10 minutes the content from the Erlenmeyer flask was than transferred to one of the empty test tubes. This test tube was then placed within a 250mL ice-bath beaker. The solution began forming iodine crystals during the ice bath. After 4-minutes the aqueous layer from the test tube was removed into a second empty test tube once no more iodine crystals were forming leaving behind a precipitate layer. A few drops of hot ethanol were added to the second test tube to dissolve the precipitate. The…

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  • Polar Molecules In Living Organisms

    In an aqueous environment for living organisms, water is used in different ways such as solvents, temperature buffers, metabolite and the living environment. In the solvents, the oxygen atoms of water molecules attracts the cations and by extension the water molecules around it. The more water molecules being attracted the more Hydrogen ions are being formed between them. As a result of this, there is a cluster of water molecules around the ions, therefore the ions are hydrated. Anions also…

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  • Analysis Of Freeze Drying

    the samples frozen too. The second step was applying the vacuum to start increase the temperature for the sublimation to take place from the apple samples. Increasing the temperature to 30 °C with very high vacuum allowed the sublimation for the crystals ice to evaporate and escape from the sample. 2.3. Water activity Water activity and sorption isotherm were conducted for those both apples group. In fact, one sorption isotherm and two reading of water activity of both groups was performed.…

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  • Cyclohexanol Dehydration Lab Report

    and heat over a heating mantle. An ice bath was placed under the receiving flask of the fractional distillation set up. The distillation product was collected from 60°C to 28°C. At the last drop the heating mantle was unplugged and removed and the receiving flask was weighed. 2 teaspoons of anhydrous sodium sulfate were added and swirled until the water was removed and the product was ‘dried’. The product was decanted from the anhydrous sodium sulfate crystals into another round bottom flask.…

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  • Harvard Case Study The Four Western Blots

    A single cell cannot grow larger and larger indefinitely because on a cellular level and metabolic level, a cell requires essential provisions, cell-to-cell communication, and transport of molecules/nutrients. The outside of a cell grows slower than the inside of a cell. If a single cell were to continuously grow the outside layer of the cell would not be able to keep up. The larger a cell is, the more difficult it is to transport nutrients and oxygen from outside of the cell into the inside of…

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  • Benzoic Acid And Acid-Base Reaction

    Ferhan Abdullah Thursday, 09 November 2016 Experiment 7 The Separation of Three Organic Compounds by Acid-Base Reactions and Liquid-Liquid Extractions Abstract: The purpose of the experiment was to isolate the three mixtures 9-fluorenone , benzoic acid and benzocaine by the liquid-liquid extraction method and the acid-base reaction technique. Using the acid-base reaction technique, the acid and base are neutralized, producing salt and water. By using the liquid-liquid extraction method, two…

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  • Sulfate Experiment

    Summary The goal of the experiment was to determine weight % of sulfate inside an unknown sample compose of Na2SO4. The sample was dried, weighed and dissolved in water and hydrochloric acid. Barium chloride was then added in excess to drive the precipitation process to completion. Heat was use to digest the precipitate before it was filtered through an ashless filter paper and ignited to constant weight. From mass of the sample and mass of the precipitate, the percentage of sulfate in the…

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  • Essay On Ultrasound

    Ultrasound and meat quality The quality of meat is based on aroma, taste, appearance, texture and juiciness. Texture is the most important factor in determining the quality of meat as per consumer behavior. There are several factors that affect texture such as the tenderness of the meat, juiciness and the degree of maturation. Tenderness The quality of meat as a result of using Traditional tenderising methods is poor. This includes mechanical, enzymatic and chemical methods…

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  • Into Thin Air Missoula Analysis

    Jon Krakauer, a successful and well published author, focuses his literary pursuits on controversial topics that tug on the reader’s heart strings and urge the reader to contemplate topics that are commonly neglected. Two of his books, Into Thin Air and Missoula, may share the same author, but they differ greatly in many stylists aspects. Krakauer, without a doubt, has a distinct and captivating writing style, yet there are many apparent differences when shifting from one of his books to the…

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  • Animal Training Research Paper

    cattle. Other animals that produce consumable are goats, horses, water buffalo, and reindeer. Milk, the most popular beverage in the United States, can be processed into dairy products. These types of products are cheese, butter, milk, yogurt, and ice- cream. What would we do without dairy products? We use them every day, whether we are consuming or cooking them. With hard work and determination, dairy processors manufacture, distribute, and sell dairy products all over the country. From the…

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