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  • Opo 15 Analysis

    In my third concert, I decided to oppose Opus 15 with other Lieder that were composed in 1908 and 1909 and performed works by Pfitzner, Reger and Berg. While the first two contextualisations appeared to be logical points of departure in my exploration of Opus 15, as they were related to aspects that seemed more or less directly accessible through the score and offered the opportunity to potentially discover internal similarities between Opus 15 and the other repertoire in the form of a certain…

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  • Reflection: Chiacchierio, By Niccolo Castiglioni

    Listening to a song is like watching the stars. Anytime a song is authentic and shines of its own light, it reverberates a sound that originated thousands of years ago into the present. When I first met Niccolò Castiglioni on March 13, 1993, in the concert hall “Puccini” of the Conservatory "G. Verdi" in Milan, the subject of our conversation was exactly this aspect of the language and its principles of permanence and resistance to change. On that afternoon, Gianpaolo Bisanti was conducting…

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  • Classical Music In Germany

    different kinds of music. German music isn’t just popular in the country itself, but in others as well. The United States has been widely influenced by all types of German music, especially classical. Because of Germans migrating to the United States symphony orchestras became increasingly popular, just like they are in Germany. Throughout the Midwest and East Coast, German-born conductors have been influential to all types of orchestras and opera’s. On the other hand, both Great Britain and…

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  • The Infant Prodigy Thomas Mann Analysis

    The Infant Prodigy, written by Thomas Mann, is a story of Bibi Saccellaphylaccas, a young prodigal artist. He plays piano for an audience of ridiculers. Through this story, readers are given a real look at the art of music, also the thoughts from the audience when observing Bibi’s performance. Thomas Mann describes a complete picture of Bibi, the audience and the relationship between them and culture through the all-knowing point of view. When we get into the story firstly, it is the time also…

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  • Similarities Between Holst And John Williams

    Mason Taylor 4th Hour 7 November 2017 Dual Literature Gustav Holst vs. John Williams Gustav Holst’s The Planets suite heavily influenced the soundtracks for John Williams’s Star Wars movies. This is shown through each production’s use of rhythm, tone, and orchestration. Gustav Holst - creator of famed suite, The Planets - is widely considered one of the best-loved 20th-century English composers, and is actually more serious of a composer than one might assume from listening to The Planets.…

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  • Orchestra Experience

    as an orchestral cellist in Manlius Pebble Hill’s small, uninspired school orchestra. Fortunately for me, however, a superior artistic experience existed close by. At the urging of my private instructor I decided to audition for the Syracuse Youth Symphony Orchestra (SYSO) one sunny June afternoon in what would be the beginning of a two-year long, artistically satisfying relationship. My experience as an orchestral cellist in the…

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  • Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

    not been until recent decades that his fifth symphony has made impacts in the society. Beethoven’s fifth has made appearances in many commercials, ceremonies, and other major events. (npr) His fifth symphony is simply a brilliant work that signifies the “progression of emotions” that he was feeling throughout the process of losing his hearing. (npr)The struggle of his life that he suffered can be seen throughout the four movements within the symphony. Another reason people finally realized this…

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  • C K5 Music Analysis

    Mozart’s Allegro in C K5a was my choice of music for that day’s function. One of Mozart’s earliest compositions, it was a lively piece. After my name was announced, I started gliding my finger tips on the white keys, the lilting notes started wafting in the hall and mesmerized my audience that comprised of faculty of my school and my fellow students. I loved that piece; its fluidity and ease of composition exhilarated me. Each movement was perfect and the tempo quick and happy. I had played with…

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  • Bizet's Carmen Character Analysis

    Introduction to Opera Compare the characters of Carmen and Micaëla in Carmen. What are the differences between them, how is this expressed in the music, and do you think the outcome is inevitable? Introduction Bizet's Carmen is an Opera in four acts, first performed at the Opéra-Comique in Paris on 3 March with a plot based on the 1845 novella by Mérimée. Today it stands as one of the most popular french operas of all time.The Opera explores the relationship between the enchanting Carmen and…

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  • Essay On Rock Me Amadeus

    I enjoyed many experiences on our study tour to Salzburg and Vienna, but my favorite experiences were the guided visit of the Mozart House in the Vienna City Center, the tour and concert of the Mozarteum and Mozart’s opera “La Clemenza di Tito”. I really loved the guided visit of the third Mozart house we went to, the one in Vienna. Not only did it have some really interesting Mozart stuff, but I also loved the exhibition on “Rock Me Amadeus” in the basement of the house. I loved the tour guide…

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