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  • Mesiniaga Case Study

    Mesiniaga (2015) was established by the late Ismail Sulaiman in 1981 in Subang Jaya, Malaysia. The company was started from selling IBM office products and has now evolved into multi-platform IT solution provider with RM60.4million. As of today, Mesiniaga has around 900 employees, which including 70% are male and remaining 30% are female employees. As the technology has changed rapidly. Therefore, every IT company is required to look out the solution that can provide a competitive advantage over…

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  • Oracle Software Company Case Analysis

    Introduction: Oracle it's an American global company for computer Technology Corporation, specialized in enterprise software products, developing and marketing computer hardware systems, in particular the data management system of its core brand. In 2011 Oracle Software Company become as the second largest by revenue after Microsoft. It also builds tools for database systems and development as the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and many other software systems. Oracle is facing new…

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  • Hudson Valley Case Study

    unprecedented “$227 billion dollars” to assist the state’s economy ( This phenomenon is driven by the International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) providing numerous benefits due to its vast employment rates; thus both positively and negatively affecting local real estate and commercial markets in the Hudson Valley. The IBM Corporation has a growing workforce of approximately 14,000 employees. The majority of these employees occupy the Hudson Valley. Averaging a salary of…

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  • Watson Case Study

    Q 1- Explain: • Who is Watson? Thomas John Watson was a businessman who created International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) which was the leading manufacturer in the world. • What is Watson? Watson is a supercomputer that has artificial intelligence (AI) and analytical software for maximum performance which has a question answering machine. • Where is Watson? • What does Watson do? Watson is the foundation for businesses which gather services and competences that a machine learning,…

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  • Team Bio 1: QUOTA-4

    Team Bio 1: Mark Sullivan, President Mark has several decades of experience with microcontroller and industrial control data communications. In the 1980s, Mark started a company which is still functioning today. Team Bio 2: Mike Reynolds, Senior Software Engineer Mike has 28 years of experience as a professional software developer. Cyclotronics is in good hands with Mike in charge of its software engineering. 3 Key Traction Points: • The Cloud IDE is operational with non-connected…

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  • Ogilvy And Mather Case Study Essay

    SC7744 Introduction to Business Ay2015/2016 Continual Assessment 2 (CA2) Case Study on Ogilvy & Mather The History of Ogilvy & Mather “Our history is the evolution of one man's thoughts, talents, and work ethic translated into a company culture, a defining business strategy, a destiny.” - David Ogilvy Ogilvy & Mather was founded by David Ogilvy in 1948 in New York. As Ogilvy & Mather expands over the years, it has now more than 450 offices in 169 cities and it is now one of the eight largest…

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  • Analysis Of Steve Parent's Interview With IBM

    Business Machine Corporation (IBM) has been the most significant player in every stage of the evolution of information technology (IBM 2016). If a company is able to stay relevant in a rapidly changing industry for almost 100 years, they are clearly doing something right. IBM never defined itself by its strategies or products, but by its “forward-thinking culture and management practices grounded in core values” (IBM 2008). In order to learn more about the IT industry and IBM, an interview was…

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  • The Argument Between Absolute Music And Program Music

    the piece I have used in the last paragraph. Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, Op.67 is a famous piece in C minor. Beethoven most focuses on the musical skills used in this piece. He uses 4 movements change to present the intensity of melody. This piece has extreme contrasts which are dark to light and then high to low. Beethoven basically shows his talent in composing this music. He puts his technical skills in classical style and binds symphony into the unified whole. The use of…

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  • Classical Music Vs Modern Music Essay

    The Romantic Era started and ended from 1820-1900. An overview would be the transition from classical to Romantic, of Beethoven, who broke the boundary rules and attached everything together between the two. Because it was Beethoven, he made it okay and possible to have changes and still acceptable. This talented and strong/brave individual changed music for the better and did what he felt and wanted, with his unique personality came his unique composed music. After Beethoven music changed to…

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  • Reflection Of Weep No More By David N. Childs

    For this final project, several classmates and I have assembled an eight-part vocal ensemble, accompanied by a pianist. We have chosen a piece that also has eight-parts, to add variety and layers on the basis of each vocal part. This piece we are performing as an ensemble is titled “Weep No More,” arranged and composed by David N. Childs, and adapted from a poem by John Keats. David N. Childs is a well-known freelance composer of music, with his ideology being, “music has the power to transform…

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