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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Sister, Julia

    that. When I first knew my sister she was serious and separate from me. My parents had divorced and I fitted perfectly into the family my mother constructed with her boyfriend. She felt discarded, too old, too bitter a bad fit for this new situation. I remember being slapped and teased and her doing everything that she could do to make me feel her pain. And then, with puberty, I felt her pain too. But she felt pain that was deeper, a remote cousin to the darkest depths of mine. She stole…

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  • Louis Zamperini Essay In Americi

    Louis Zamperini once said, “I’d made it this far and refused to give up because all my life I had always finished the race” ( Louis Zamperini Quotes). From the terrifying sea to the torturous prison camps, this is how Zamperini lived his life. In his younger years, he experienced more than a man should in an entire lifetime. Throughout his incredible journey, he was mischievous, resilient, and courageous. Born to Italian immigrants, Louis Zamperini experienced a rebellious childhood, always in…

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  • Personal Narrative: Getting Lost On The Mountain

    very costly. It is events like these that people will acquire wisdom. I recently had an event like this. My experience of getting lost on a mountain at night taught me many things. Getting lost on a mountain at night with my cousins was a very significant experience for me. When this happened, my family and I were at a family reunion at the Circle J Ranch in the Bighorn Mountains. It was about 7:00 p.m. and two of my cousins and I decided that we would go on a hike together; we wanted to see…

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  • I Have Had The Privilege Of Interview

    I have had the privilege to interview Mrs. Davida Gee- Allen for this assignment. Mrs. Allen is a graduate from Mississippi Valley State, where she received her master’s in the field of Social Work. She is currently a supervisor at the department of human serves in the Mississippi delta. She emphasizes the fact that she love what she do, no matter the cost. She entered this field to help people with everyday crisis and most of all defenseless children. Her future plan is to become an…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Love

    were directly centered on Luke when I walked into my door. I tried my hardest to think about something or someone else. I didn’t want my mind going off to dreamy land before I even had the opportunity to know more about the man that had captured so much of my attention tonight. Then my thoughts easily moved to the man whom I was supposed to be with tonight on an amazing date that went downhill quickly. I wished in this moment that the date was with Luke, then I would still be out enjoying the…

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  • Narrative Essay On Going To Prom

    Truthfully, I never had much interest and had no plans on going to prom mostly due to the fact that I was really bashful and unconfident. Even still, my friends would constantly ask whether or not I was going to attend prom. I would tell them “I don’t know” every time, but since it was finally my senior year, my friends filled me with guilt, saying that I would regret not going to our final high school dance. After constantly thinking and being jealous of all the prom proposals that were…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Summer Road Trip

    This was my exit. I had skipped breakfast and at that time my stomach had began to rumble. Not far off the highway I spotted a quaint home that had been transformed into a diner. I decided to stop. An elderly woman with bouffant silver hair, wearing a blue checked dress and apron greeted me at the door with a smile before seating me. It was as if I had stepped back into an old movie or perhaps a doorway into the past. Upon the waitress’s instance, I ordered the daily special. It was a…

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  • Choice Of Destiny Essay

    Last two weeks ago, I remembered I was about to have a nice and plentiful dinner outside with my parents. Unfortunately, things didn’t go that smooth as I was expected before. “Pauline, grade 12 is an important year to you, have you decided to go to what kind of stream after graduated from high school?” “My Queen (my mother), as day went by day, I decided to go with Bio-chemistry engineer. And I would like to go to McMaster University as they offer co-op program in which I could gain more…

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  • The Role Of Constantine In The Rise Of Christianity

    Constantine and his Role in the Rise of Christianity Constantine reflected on previous emperors seeing that worshiping multiple Gods was just an artful deception. He wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps as a Christian, so he prayed to God to reveal to him who he truly was. He saw a chi-rho of light in the heavens bearing the inscription, “By this symbol you will conquer.” While he was sleeping the night before the Battle of Milvian, the Christ of God appeared to him with the same sign;…

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  • Kama Sutra

    The Kama Sutra is one of the most popular ancient Indian texts today, known widely for its erotic content and plethora of sexual positions. Contrary to western popular perception, the Kama Sutra is not exclusively a sex manual; it presents itself as a guide to a virtuous and gracious living that discusses the nature of love, family, life, and other aspects pertaining to pleasure-oriented faculties of human life. The Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian text compiled by Vatsyayana, is a guide to all…

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