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  • Frederick Douglass Response To The Declaration Of Independence

    abolitionists in the United States in 1841, Douglass was requested to speak in Rochester for Independence Day in 1852. His speech was to display the idea of antislavery to critics by speaking with his fellow abolitionists to spread the message of American hypocrisy with aspects from a slave…

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  • Rethinking The Frogs Henrik Ibsen Analysis

    Semester One Final Essay: Rethinking The Frogs Debate The two playwrights I have chosen for the purpose of this essay are Jean-Baptiste Poquelin (1622-1673), known by his stage name as Molière, and Henrik Johan Ibsen (1828-1906). Molière was born on January 15th in Paris, France and is considered to be one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature. I have chosen Molière as one of my two playwrights because I believe that one of the ways to ‘save society’ is through comedy. Ibsen…

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  • Summary Of Zach Wahl's Argument

    support of same-sex marriage.” (Wahls, 2012, p. 34). This is not very effective use of logos because his book is based on anecdotal evidence about gay marriage. One way that I would say he used logos in an effective way is when he pointed out the hypocrisy of the opposing side. Wahls (2012) President Bill Clinton signed into law the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). DOMA, a bill sponsored by then- Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich- who was carrying on an extramarital affair- and signed by…

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  • Role Of Jealousy In Othello

    is cheating on him. Throughout the play Iago constantly insinuates an affair between Desdemona and Cassio. Falling into Iago’s scheme, Othello begins to ask for Iago’s views on every circumstance, allowing Iago to plant the ideas of adultery and hypocrisy in his mind. However, though…

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  • Theme Of Decisions In The Scarlet Letter

    from the people because he is a beloved minister of the people ( 114; ch.VII). His duties as a minister includes encouraging people to confess their sins to God and receive the necessary punishment. This makes the minister guilty of two crimes, hypocrisy, and adultery. The consequences of Dimmesdale’s punishment is not immediately visible in the novel. The main problem for Dimmesdale is the intense guilt he feels for not confessing his sin ( 121; ch. IX). The guilt causes the minister to have…

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  • The Puritan Society In The Scarlet Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

    strict Puritan society, such as the society presented in The Scarlet Letter, one wrongdoing can envelop and control the lives of numerous people. In The Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne uses the symbol of the Puritan society to shine light on the hypocrisy present in human nature. Hester is defined by the scarlet letter “A” that sits upon her bosom and is rejected from the strict Puritan society for many years due to the fact she committed the sin of adultery. Even though the whole of…

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  • Slavery And Education In The Narrative Life Of Frederick Douglass

    In fact, the majority of white men were against it. White slave owners held themselves high in regards to morality even though they did terrible things to their slaves. Douglass saw this and became angered because he knew right from wrong. This hypocrisy inspired him to become an abolitionist and fight to end…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Benjamin Banneker's Letter

    Rhetorical Analysis Essay In Benjamin Banneker’s 1791 letter to Thomas Jefferson he argues against slavery in the United States. The letter was written soon after the Founding of the United States as a country and at a time when slavery would have been a common practice throughout the nation. Mr. Banneker was an accomplished black man who was the son of a former slave. President Jefferson, at the time, was the secretary of state and would have been a known advocate of freedom (through his…

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  • Mexican American War: Was America Justified?

    Calling America selfish and saying America didn’t have the right to invade Mexico is pure hypocrisy. As you can see, Mexico wasn’t all that innocent as well. Mexican Troops certainly did a number on America. America needed land quick and because Canada had high defense lines and was with the British, it’s not all the smart to go against them. On…

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  • Keeping Appearances In The Scarlet Letter

    modern day. Arthur Dimmesdale, the celebrity many admire and hope to live up to, attempted to hide many secrets, the most obvious being his relationship with Hester; in modern society, people hide secrets in a similar fashion in both time periods. Hypocrisy runs rampant in our world, and many of us act differently depending on whether or not we are in public. A past Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, had an affair with a fellow worker of his during his time in office. He chose not to back out of…

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