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  • The Crucible Act 1 Dialectical Journal Analysis

    motivates the characters, and underlying conflicts. Write down your thoughts, questions, insights, and ideas while you read. For Act I of The Crucible, specifically focus on cultural climate and passages exemplifying authority, hysteria, guilt, or hypocrisy and record at least ten entries for Act…

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  • The Role Of Jocasta In Oedipus The King

    Jocasta was a woman with a very unfortunate role in the story of Oedipus the King. All the tragic events accused her. When she married Laius she knew about the prophecy that condemn them if they had a child but didn’t truly believed. If she had believed in the cursed she could had run away from Laius or not to have a baby at all, she would have been responsible towards her action. Even though a part of her did believed in the prophecy when she went to Mount Cithaeron and left Oedipus to die. By…

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  • Mr. Douglass Argumentative Analysis

    While reading paragraph one Mr.Douglass made a very interesting analogy. He compared the nation to a river. Also giving the audience details on how to prevent such an atrocity. He explains how we still have a chance unlike the bigger nations such as Britain. In paragraph two I will speak of how the United states is a river and then in paragraph 3 I will discuss how he states we can avoid becoming a”sad tale of departed glory”. In paragraph one Mr.Douglass states a very interesting but yet…

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  • Christian Church In To Kill A Mockingbird

    housekeeper, Sophy, for being upset about the jury ruling against Tom Robinson. Citing Jesus Christ as an example, Mrs. Merriweather tells the group how she had to explain to Sophy that Jesus, “never went around grumbling and complaining” (Lee 310). The hypocrisy is evident when Mrs. Merriweather concludes by saying, “you never ought to let an opportunity go by to witness for the Lord” (Lee 310). The Methodist Episcopal Church of Maycomb County, Alabama, turned a blind eye to justice and…

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  • The Secret Closet Analysis

    and express his desire to be forgiven. Dimmesdale yearns to find a reason to forgive himself, but being familiar with what is considered moral and ethical, he found it difficult to excuse his actions when he knew the sinfulness of his affair and hypocrisy; thus, attaining purification seemed impossible to him. His…

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  • Dark Themes In The Scarlett Letter By Nathaniel Hawthorne

    (Hawthorne 72). Dimmesdale’s first introduction reveals an unusualness that foreshadows his true character, hidden by his social guise of a highly respected and pious minister. In fact, Dimmesdale’s characterization revolves around his religious hypocrisy in the sense that “it is the truth of sin that he keeps hidden which makes him the very pillar of moral purity in the community” (Telgen 313). With this in mind, Hawthorne creates Dimmesdale as a character driven by his sin to a state of…

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  • Of Anse Bundren In William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying

    He completely rejects the traditional role of a typical father, a man who works to provide for his children and who protects them no matter what, by failing to support his five children emotionally and financially. Anse’s character faults include hypocrisy, laziness, and worst of all, manipulation of others. Those most affected by Anse’s behavior are his neighbors, Samson, Tull, Armistid, and Gillespie; his late wife, Addie; and his children, Cash, Darl, Jewel, Dewey Dell, and Vardaman. Though…

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  • Analysis: World War II Should Have Never Happened

    World War II Should Have Never Happened 60 million people are the number of people who died during the Second World War. The fall of colonialism, rise of communism, development of nuclear weapons, and the Holocaust may all have never happened if WWII was prevented. WWI was the reason for WWII. Effects of WWI to Germany, Italy, and Japan include economic crisis, senses of betrayal, and uncertain futures were all reasons that led to the autocratic powers of the Axis (Germany, Japan, and Italy).…

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  • Malcolm X's Contribution To The Civil Rights Movement

    United States of America is arguably one of the most hypocritical nations in the world, to date. Throughout its history, the USA has gone against the values that it was supposedly founded upon: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We saw this hypocrisy in the 1800s as Frederick Douglass delivered his speech, What to the Slave is the Fourth of July, a social criticism as to how Americans would celebrate independence and freedom from oppression when four million Americans labored on…

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  • Religion In The Canterbury Tales

    freedom and authority to act as he pleases. The Pardoner, “speak[s] a word or two of swearing/And perjury”, and informs his audience that, “It’s an abominable thing to curse/And swear, but perjury is worse” (Chaucer “The Pardoner’s Tale” 249). The hypocrisy of the Pardoner’s statements contrasts with his own actions, however there are no consequences for him as his position of importance in a society where people’s blind trust and devotion towards his teachings act as his greatest advantage. The…

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