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  • Cushing's Syndrome Case Study Essay

    Cushing’s Syndrome Case Study, Manifestations, and Nursing Implications Introduction A 44-year-old male presents with complaints of body malaise and anorexia. He has noticed his attitude going from happy to depressed. He complains of weight gain, bruising easily, and frequent backaches. His arms and legs are thin. He became hypertensive three months ago, he does not have diabetes but his blood sugar has been elevated. His medications include Lisinopril; however, he has been noncompliant. At the…

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  • Hypertension Essay

    Hypertension also referred to as blood pressure, it 's the force pushing against the walls of arteries as it flows through them, (Medical Dictionary, 2016). When the heart beats to push out blood from the arteries blood pressure is at its highest.Hypertension sometimes called “Silent killer” because patients can live with the condition for years without any signs and symptoms. Systolic is the first blood pressure reading, it is when the heart is contracting while diastolic is the second blood…

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  • Peach Benefits

    27 Amazing Health and Beauty Benefits of Peaches Peaches are delicious natural products, local to China, however, are presently accessible internationally (1). Aside from being to a great degree delightful, it offers a considerable measure of advantages that are by and large not known to everyone. It is low in calories and free from immersed fats, which are destructive to our body. It indicates cell reinforcement, mitigating, and against glycation impacts (2). The organic product has vitamin…

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  • Box Jellyfish Essay

    Box jellyfish Nomenclature "Box jellyfish" and "sea wasp" are common names for the highly venomous Chironex fleckeri. However, these terms are ambiguous, as "sea wasp" and "marine stinger" are sometimes used to refer to other jellyfish. Anatomy "Cubomedusae", from Ernst Haeckel's Kunstformen der Natur, 1904 The medusa form of a box jellyfish has a squarish, box-like bell. From each of the four lower corners of this hangs a short pedalium or stalk which bears one or more long, slender, hollow…

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  • Rhabdomyolysis Case Study Essay

    The most intriguing patient during my time at Decatur General Hospital was a man who was admitted with rhabdomyolysis. The patient is a 68-year-old male with a significant past medical history of hip fractures, decubitus ulcers along with sepsis, alcohol abuse, acute blood loss anemia, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and nicotine abuse. The patient was transferred to Decatur General Hospital Emergency Room from his previous rehabilitation center due to progressively getting weaker and…

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  • Acute Gout Case Studies

    bleeding problems, who do not use anticoagulant agents, and no history of stomach or duodenal ulcer. It is most effective when started as early as possible and at higher doses, when treating a gout attack. Adverse effects include GI upset or bleeding, hyperkalemia, increases in creatinine, and fluid…

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