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  • Role Of Humanity In Trapping

    such as rabies and distemper. As more and more animals crowd together, diseases often increase. Large die-offs due to disease are common under these circumstances. Some diseases and parasites, such as rabies and mange can affect people and pets”(Hunting and Trapping…). An animal with CWD has a lifespan of many years after getting the disease, often spreading it to more than one animal. This is just one of the many reasons why trapping sick animals can benefit other animals and why…

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  • Why Is Animal Poaching Be Abolished

    just with another animal.Places like Botswana, Central African Republic, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, and Tanzania have some common or different penalties for animal poaching. Some of those penalties are: fines, prison terms, and revocation of license. But most of these penalties aren’t properly enforced. People should treat animal poaching as if it were a murder, and put up secret cameras in the trees, or make people pay to get into the park/forest, and make them come out the same way with…

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  • Trophy Hunting Persuasive Essay

    As of today, trophy hunting is one of the most fought over controversies worldwide. This battle is fought by animal rights activists, hunters, governments, and conservation groups on both sides, mostly going against it. It has gone to the point of that if you type the words “trophy hunting” into a search engine, it is most likely just arguments on this topic. The only real, unbiased definition that you can easily find is just stated as the selective hunting of game, specifically the largest and…

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  • Jerry Saum Biography

    Jerry Saum for five years, due to my deer hunting shack that sits four miles South of Saum. In my early years deer hunting up North, Jerry would frequently come down to the cabin, always wearing a Busch Light sweatshirt or the local Saum Fire Department crewneck. Also, Jerry’s figure includes a pair of old wore down boots, torn up jeans, and a blaze orange ball cap that reads “Don’t shoot idiot.” Jerry’s long, white…

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  • The Importance Of Endangered Species In North Carolina

    Once an animal becomes extinct there is no bringing it back, it is gone for good. That is why it is important that people do not delay and start to use proper care and help protect these species that are endangered in North Carolina. The ecosystem is a fragile system and the strain caused by a certain animal going extinct could possibly cause the entire ecosystem to collapse Which would be a tragic thing; it would not just affect the environment, but it could also affect humans and their daily…

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  • Game Wardens Profession

    catching people doing those things but illegally. What do Game Wardens do? Game Wardens catch people doing illegal things in the environment. Like littering or shooting animals that aren't in season. Game Wardens also check people for licenses for hunting, firearm permit, and trapping tags. Game…

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  • Why High Powered Rifles Should Not Be Banned

    High powered rifles should not be used for hunting. There are many different reasons why they should not be used for hunting. Hunters could use so many others guns than the high powered rifles that they are wanting to use. High powered rifles are not good for hunting animals, and there are many different reasons for that also. High powered rifles are dangerous for hunting animals, since most people are unaware of the high velocity of the bullet. Some other guns is a 410 , a 410 does not shoot…

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  • Non Human Animal Rights

    proactive way as well as others have a subtler way of approaching the rights of animals. Furthermore, it is unethical for big game hunting for the sake of a trophy, a good example, killing Cecil and Xanda (son) of the lion back in 2017 had said that, it would be acceptable to hunt only if it is a source of food in some cultures in particular Indigenous culture hunting animals every part of the animal is used the animal is killed in a humane way as part of the culture tobacco is laid down…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Predator Control

    animal species in hopes to benefit livestock producers and to enhance game populations. However, the animals they are killing, beavers, wolves, and many other carnivores, are important benefactors of ecosystems. Bradley Bergstrom said in his article “License to Kill” that “leading ecologists have concluded that many of the world’s pandemics, irruptions of undesirable species and collapses of desirable ones, and destabilization of ecosystems…have been caused by the loss of apex predators” (et al.…

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  • Game Warden Essay

    order to be accepted in the law enforcement world. Game wardens seem to have a long history, dating back to as early as the 12th century. In medieval times, nowadays game wardens were actually part of the king’s band of men, usually in charge of the hunting dogs and peasants who were used to run the game towards the king and his men. Overtime, the duties…

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