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  • Aleem Visram Marketing In The Real World Analysis

    part-time professor at the Schulich School of Business. Having a decade-long work experience at fortune 100 companies such as Pfizer, American Express, Kraft, Novartis and Tetley, he has great insight to offer about what it takes to become a successful marketer. The INSIDER had the pleasure of sitting down with Aleem to gage his opinions on frequently asked questions regarding a career in marketing. Starting from undergraduate, which school did you go to? I went to school at Western, and I…

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  • Balancing A Family And A Professional Career

    Balancing work, family and school in many cases is very difficult because there is so much to do and so little time. According to our textbook “Women are much more likely than men to adjust their jobs around their family responsibilities” (Crawford, 2011, p.326). Both women and men…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Stern

    challenge it; challenge it to a point where I understand how my experience at Stern has both positively and negatively changed this view. With a (hopefully) clearer head, I want to talk about our futures as excel monkeys, entrepreneurs, and eventually business leaders, and discuss how our future ties back to our view of the world today. I know I sound vague, but please bear with me; I believe this will make sense soon enough. So, who am I? Unlike most people at Stern, my first words…

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  • The Ways We Lie Ericsson Analysis

    Ericsson, Stephanie. “The Ways We Lie.” Ezinarticles, 20 April 2009,,-The-Ways-We-Lie&id=376173. Accessed 06 November 2017. There are many forms of lying, some of which include doing so unconsciously. In her essay, “The Ways We Lie,” Ericsson shows the different ways one can lie for protection. These ways include dismissal, ignoring the plain facts, and others that do not include telling a lie per se. A Father in a church was molesting children in the 1960’s…

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  • The Importance Of Science In Nigeria

    PROBLEM/OPPORTUNITY In Nigeria, high schools do not focus on the core subjects of sciences; this has resulted in a lack of science-focused students. This is an issue because a study conducted by has concluded that basic science has links to economic development (Usher, 2013). Data from UNESCO dated year 2005 shows that, there are only 203 researchers per million people in Nigeria, against 4,663 in the United States. Nigeria as a developing country could shift it’s focus on…

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  • Morrisons Case Study

    shareholders that the investment attractiveness of Morrisons is not much lower than the one of industry’s leader. The company’s average growth rate of the Pre-tax profits for the past 4 years have been around 35%, which is quite high for this type of business, also counting the fact that share of debt decreased since 2009. In terms of industry, their P/E ratio is ranked third out of 34 companies after Tesco and Greggs. Based on all mentioned above, we may conclude that Morrisons is an attractive…

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  • Influence Of Starbucks In Taiwan

    Understanding the customer Chu Chieh Kao Hult International Business School External Influences On Consumer Behavior in Taiwan In Taiwan consumers are loyal to brands, especially Japanese products are the most frequently bought, the Taiwanese are very attentive to prices, second important thing is quality and sales service are the other main considerations regarding the consumers’ behavior. The Taiwanese consumer is faithful to brands, consumers are plugged into global consumer trends, Taiwan…

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