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  • Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Essay

    Species taxonomy- The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle belongs to the kingdom: Animalia, the Phylum: Chordata, the Class: Reptilia, the Order: Testudines, Family: Cheloniidae, Genus: Lepidochelys, and its species is olivacea. Thus the Olive Ridley Sea Turtle’s scientific name is Lepidochelys olivacea. (NOAA, 2014) In Spanish the Olive Ridley is called Golfina. (Sea turtle Inc., 2016) There is only one other animal in the genus Lepidochelys and it is the Kemp’s Rideys Sea Turtle: Kingdom: Animalia,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Place To Be The State Of Rhode Island

    It is about the feeling that emanates from a place as a combination of the physical environment and the surrounding community that produces a feeling of place. A place encapsulates an entire community of people and the folklore that is associated within the place. One must embrace their surroundings in order to get the full feeling of being from a place. I consider my place to be the state of Rhode Island. I grew up in that area and and connected with the people neighboring me and got in…

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  • Fox River Case Study

    Through going up in Green Bay and De Pere, Wisconsin, there has always been a topic that has continuously appeared and disappeared. That is the condition of the Fox River, throughout my childhood I was never able to fully use the river to swim or fish within. That is because of the dangerously high levels of pollution that are within the water. The river has been found to have 209 chemicals found in a study by Sharon A. Fitzgerald and Jeffrey J. Steuer. Throughout my studies, I have found great…

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  • The Importance Of The Susquehanna River

    The Susquehanna River is home for many: animals, fish and people alike. It is also a key contributor to the Chesapeake Bay, being the largest tributary within the watershed. The pollution of the Susquehanna directly impacts the health of the bay. To understand the importance of the river to the bay, it is necessary to understand what is causing pollution and what solutions can be introduced to lessen the negative impacts. Pennsylvania is a large participant in rural farming as well as urban…

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  • Ferry Beach State Park History

    Ferry Beach State Park is located in Saco Maine, between Old Orchard Beach and Camp Ellis. The park is nestled on 117 acres of beautiful land ranging from forested areas with luscious trees, to white sand beaches. One of the most popular draws to the park are the hiking trails where you can spend an afternoon taking in the awe inspiring views of the different eco systems that have made themselves at home and flourished. The trails are littered with man-made bridges that perch you above the floor…

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  • The Perception Of Success In The Outliers Book: Malcolm Gladwell

    When thinking of successful people you automatically think about how hard people have worked to be successful. In the Outliers book "Malcolm Gladwell" argues that we should look at the world that surrounds successful people. For instance their culture, family, experiences, and their upbringing. Gladwell has made an interesting argument about how people become successful. In this paper, I will be talking about how Bradley Byrne, US Representative for Alabama became successful using some…

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  • Vanishing Island Analysis

    Known as the “Vanishing Island”, Isle de Jean Charles is located in Louisiana and is quickly eroding due to climate change and rising waters from the current pipelines-- it has been called home to residents for over one hundred and seventy years, and the island is vanishing from underneath them. Vaughn-Lee, the director, composed this New York Times op-doc in hopes to reach out to society about the matters that are taking place in Isle de Jean Charles, so authority could take action of the…

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  • Mud Flats Habitat

    Mud flats are a vital type of marine habitat that provide several different functions for various marine invertebrates. They provide both permanent and temporary homes to small invertebrates including several species of worms, crabs, snails, and other benthic fauna. These organisms are responsible for the breakdown of organic materials often deposited here, as well as filling the role of prey for many predators that hunt in the shallow waters (Dyer et al., 2000). Mud flats are most often…

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  • Fort Delaware Description

    Fort Delaware Fort Delaware, was a defensive point that many felt would be perfect to protect ports and anyone trying to attack from the river. It was said from many officials that this Island was an ideal defensive point. This is because it’s a medium to high ground in the Delaware river this was perfect to protect Philadelphia’s ports. Fort Delaware is located on Pea Patch island, this island is called this due to the Pea Patches that grew around it and made up a lot of the island. Fort…

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  • Cronulla Beach Action Plan

    Questions, Primary/Secondary Data, Results…………....Page 4 Discussion………………………………………………………………….. Research Action Plan Introduction Wanda Beach is the northernmost guarded beach on Bate Bay in Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia. Elouera Beach is a traversed beach that is situated on Bate Bay, in Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia. The Wall is the native name given to the area between North Cronulla Beach and Elouera.…

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