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  • A Legal Case Of Wendie Dreves V. Hudson Group Retail

    Hudson Group Retail. The summary of the case is as follows, the complaint presented by the plaintiff, Wendie Dreves, age 58, against the defendant Hudson Group Retail stated that her male replacement, Jarrod Dixon, age 42, received a substantial pay increase as Dreves replacement when she was discharged after complaints of abusive and inappropriate behavior toward fellow employees. Dreves worked as a general manager for Hudson News 's retail operation at Burlington…

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  • Industrial Revolution: The Erie Canal

    steamboats , which could travel without wind or current , this invention played a huge part in one of America’s greatest creation at this time period , the Erie canal. The creation of the Erie canal created a route from the Atlantic ocean of the Hudson river to the great lakes of lake Erie, helping stimulate the economy of America and the state of New york, which Erie canal ran through, because of Erie canal , it shaped America’s network inside and outside its borders during the Industrial…

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  • The Effects Of Extinction On The Oyster Capital Of The World

    This paper explores the reasons behind the functional extinction of the Eastern Oyster in the New York Harbor, the ecological services that the oyster provided to the Harbor’s ecosystem and the steps to bring back this keystone species. When Europeans first came to the New World, oysters were so abundant around New York City that it was considered the Oyster Capital of the World (Driscoll, 2011) but within 300 years this title would be no more as the oyster became functionally extinct due to…

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  • Uncontrollable Change In Washington Irving's Rip Van Winkle

    We are first given a glimpse of the world Rip lives, his homestead and the places he is frequent to, and an elaborate telling of his lifestyle and ways. The second phase is the period by which Rip finds himself amongst Henry Hudson and his men, drinking and playing nine pins. Lastly, it is Rips return to a vaguely familiar yet very different land. In parts one and three, we are given some land marks that give a before and after image of change. We see in Rips arrival into his…

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  • The Globalization Of The Erie Canal

    for the benefit of its people…the undertaking was a prodigious one” (Edmonds 1960, p. 1). Not only was the forty feet wide, four foot deep and 363 miles canal, which originally contained 77 locks, able to bridge a connection from Lake Erie to the Hudson and a 66 mile link to the Champlain Canal as a form of reliable transportation (as the roads were not the network it is today) which ruptured the boundaries of western and eastern (northeastern) New York and encouraged inward and outward flow…

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  • Analysis Of Being Prey: Surviving A Crocodile Attack

    The stories used in this comparison is the reading from Being Prey: Surviving a Crocodile Attack and the video from ‘Three Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed’. Being Prey reading and ‘Three Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed’ video both tell about learning life lessons when they were in accident, but how they react to the dangerous situation is different. These stories are based on true story and fortunately, both of them survived from the incident. The first story is Being Prey:…

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  • Personal Narrative: Laguardia

    now were over the water at one hundred feet. We were climbing fast and on our way up to 30 thousand feet, we were climbing over New York city. As of now it was just a normal cold day takeoff. The buildings were flying buy quick and I could see the hudson river in the distance. I thought how cold the water could be down in the river, little did I Know that I would be in that water. It was 3:26 we were climbing out of one thousand feet above the city. It was now 3:27:02, I saw geese I yelled…

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  • Narrative Essay About Trying New Things

    “Markers, Paw-Prints, Hair Dye, and Other Mistakes” I love trying new things. I’m bold. I love the rush of adrenaline you get when taking risks. I love the unknown. I’ve had this mindset for as long as I can remember; I’ve always believed that living a life without being audacious isn’t a life worth having. You need to be impulsive. Try new things without worrying about the outcome, because if you do, you won’t enjoy the little things in life nearly as much. But things can go wrong, and…

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  • Transportation's Role In The Market Revolution

    The market revolution is a term used to describe the increase of the exchange of goods and services in market transaction. In the first few decades of the nineteenth century, the transportation system was limited. The great rivers west of the Appalachians could not connect with the western famers to eastern markets since they flowed north to south. The roads were poor, expensive to maintain and horse-drawn wagons had limited capacity. So how were the farmers supposed to turn a profit from their…

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  • Hudson Valley Case Study

    The Hudson Valley has a direct and significant impact on the economic progression of New York State. Statistics show that the Hudson Valley yields an unprecedented “$227 billion dollars” to assist the state’s economy ( This phenomenon is driven by the International Business Machine Corporation (IBM) providing numerous benefits due to its vast employment rates; thus both positively and negatively affecting local real estate and commercial markets in the Hudson Valley. The IBM…

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