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  • Victorian Era Dress History

    quality of the make of the dress. These frilly, overdone dresses that kept up with the rest of the Victorian era, were made to be very tight and very, very uncomfortable. It even affected the way one sat, walked, and the very body language she used. the corset and bodice were the main culprits in this, as well as the fashion of wearing pointed shoes, along with stockings and accessories. Men on the other hand were an opposite fashion trend then then the woman. While the style was still formal…

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  • Fashion Trends In The 1800s

    century Roxey Ann Caplin created the corset, but it’s fame came from the Victorian era (1837-1901). “A corset is a type of undergarment that supports the bust and defines the waistline” (wisegeek.com). In the late 19th century, the corset was found in most women’s (and some men’s) wardrobe. It was worn daily under the dress to slim and shape a women’s figure and to appear more attractive. The corset pushes up the bust and drives in the waist. Today, in place of the corset a bra is worn. The bra…

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  • Essay On Corsets

    The ultimate standard of beauty is the hourglass curved female body. The prior statement is truth according to hegemonic ideology conditioning by society. Corsets and waist trainers are pop culture manifestations and embodiments of the “ideal woman” ideology. Waist trainers are constantly endorsed and promoted by female celebrities. The behavior of female celebrity waist training endorsement further promotes the ideology of a perfect female physique. Corsets have been a part of women’s lives…

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  • Maggie Norris: Corset Analysis

    The chosen garment that will be discussed in detail is the iconic corset designed by the American corset couture designer Maggie Norris who is one of the designers involved with the brand Trashy Lingerie. This corset was chosen for Caitlyn Jenner as the outfit for the cover image of Vanity Fair. This essay will cover the following topics: historical/cultural context, formal elements, and its meaning. This corset which was designed by Maggie Norris was worn by Caitlyn Jenner in her worldwide…

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  • Corset Training Benefits

    Training The numerous benefits of wearing corsets are what attract thousands of women to this classic invention. The results are instantaneous and evidence by simmer waistline upon wearing a corset and there are sought after long-term benefits to be expedited as well. You will improve your posture, sculpt our figure and prevent any injury. Still not convinced? Let's check out a long list of amazing physical benefits today. • Did you know that wearing corsets could strengthen your back and help…

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  • Victorian Wedding Dress Essay

    of just below the models head. The corset clings tightly to the body leaving nothing to the imagination. From this silhouette it accentuates the hourglass curve of the models body. The corset represents the Victorian era because in the 1800’s women would wear them as they were considered a great way to make a women look more attractive and curvaceous. Yet it as a torturous contraption that often caused women to faint and possibly deform their bodies. The corset was also common for forcing women…

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  • Is There Too Much Pressure On Girls To Have Perfect Bodies Essay

    • Is There Too Much Pressure on Girls to Have ‘Perfect’ Bodies? • Teenagers should not thrive to have a perfect body. The pressure on girls to have the “perfect body” is on the rise because of what society perceives and defines as “perfect”. For decades women have been put under the pressure of looking a certain way. This pressure primarily begins in the adolescence- teenage years of a girl’s life. Teenage girls are expected to have perfect bodies. As a result, girls are constantly lowering…

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  • The Corset In The Ginger Tree

    The corset is a prominent symbol of restriction. This article of clothing takes a starring role in the Ginger Tree, where a young woman refuses to wear her corset and be caged by the limited expectations of women. Her freedom starts to evolve as she refuses to conform to the wishes of the men around her. To become ultimately independent, she begins to work in a store as a clothing designer. Her agency culminates when she opens up a corset department for Japanese women, who buy them for their…

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  • Body Positivity Essay

    Corsets have been worn for centuries, with the goal to make a woman’s waist appear smaller and give her an hourglass frame. When the ideal body type switched back to curvy, corsets reemerged, and waist training became a popular method to cinch waists. Waist training is done to slowly but effectively reduce the size of one’s waist, such that…

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  • 1920s Culture

    apparel women wore were very restricting and uncomfortable, thoroughly covering every inch of visible skin. For instance, “Between about 1880 and 1910, the ideal womens silhouette resembled the letter ‘S’. Bodies were boned and corseted into an hourglass shape, with waists forced into tiny circlets measuring less than 20 inches. The entire upper torso was thrust forward, creating a "pigeon front," and the hips were pointed backward and slightly up, finishing out the letter "S." Skirts hit the…

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