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  • The Evil Is Us: A Short Story

    wondered if there are living creatures on other planets? Well there are other living creatures on a planet called Capa. There lives a clan called the Sky Noks, they 're not the kind of creature that would make you hide under your bed. They live on a red-hot lava planet. They were as normal as we are on Earth until a great evil came an evil called Dangeonmia. The Evil Is Us is a clan that comes to your planet to take over. They might kill you or keep you held captive. When they came to Capa to…

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  • Things I Love About Ayah Research Paper

    Things I LOVE about Ayah 1. “Do you need a ride or something.” – The first day that we talked to each other and you barely even knew me, yet you took the time and effort to ask a weird Indian Kid if he needs a ride. 2. The fact that you try to look for good things in everyone. Paulina barely gives you any attention and rarely talks to you yet you go out of your way to do things for her. I acted like such an asshole towards for, yet you would still tell me that it’s ok. Its not my faults and that…

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  • James Abney: A Short Story

    Have you ever cared so much about someone and all they did was hurt you in the end ? Well i experinced that for 7 months , and his name is James Abney. We met while I was living in South Africa and he was in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. He followed me on instagram liked some of my pictures didnt pay him any mind until he had messaged me , being all sweet. We had talked over instagram for awhile than he gave me his number and we began texting and calling each other alot. It became a routine for me…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Relationship Between Eli And Janey

    Eli and Maddie have been a happy couple for four and a half years, they have two dogs a Border Collie named Sam and a German Shepherd named Violet. Eli has wanted to get married to Madison since their third date, it was a fair point that they were a great couple and it was well known that they loved each other. Eli has been saving up for an engagement ring for six months, Maddie has always said that she didn’t want a big ring, Eli knew that. So when it came time to get a ring Eli chose a simple…

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  • The Importance Of My Best Friend

    “A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow” (William Shakespeare). What is a best friend? To me a best friend is someone you can rely on for everything and anything, especially when the times get tough. It is someone who loves you unconditionally. Someone who will wipe away your tears and not only tell you everything will be OK, but will guide you into a new stage of happiness. But most of all a…

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  • Personal Narrative-I Am Beyond Mad?

    I am beyond mad. After Kaden ordered me not to go to school he then let Dylan throw me over his shoulder and lock me in what I assume is Kaden 's room. The same one I woke up in. I am livid at this point, beyond pist."You stupid inconsiderate bastered, your a lying no goo sack of shit! What happened to devoting your life to making me trust you! Just FYI locking me in a room to keep me from doing something is not a good way to gain my trust you mother fucking ass-wipe!" I yell at the closed door…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Husband

    Oh, how life can be so uncomfortable with the most honest and good people. I am a physician who has a wife and baby boy. My wife is mentally ill; she always has a nervous break downs. I have brought her into the house away from any type of community. She always had a nervous break downs, which are not able to handle herself. I try to be strong for her but at times when I do not about her, I cry, which is not able to handle what has happened to her. Her brother is also a physician and agrees with…

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  • Narrative Essay On Preschool Age Children

    I really wasn’t sure where, when or how I was going to complete this assignment. Although there are a lot of people in Ann Arbor, there weren’t many children to watch. I did end up finding the perfect time and place to do it. On September 13, 2015, I had to go to my grandparent’s house in Dearborn, Michigan for a family dinner. My grandparents live right next to a park, so I felt as if this was the perfect opportunity to study some preschool age children. I went to the park with my teenage…

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  • Narrative Essay Doctor

    mom puts gourds—" "Stop trying to change the subject. You can 't tell me you 're not at least a little curious." "I used to be," I admit. "But nothing 's worked yet." "You never know. I could 've done it this time," he says, stabbing a piece of hot dog with his fork. "Don 't you have to pick up Will?" I ask him, narrowing my eyes. "Shit, you 're right. Are you coming with me or staying here?" he asks, picking up his jacket. "Maybe you should take me home," I say, frowning and looking at…

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  • Firefighters: A Short Story

    It was a Beautiful evening in 1995 Sydney, Australia until it all went bad. A sudden crack of thunder raged in the sky and buckets of rain started to pour from the sky. A family in a car, unfortunately, got stuck in that rain on the highway back home. There was a sudden pothole that caused the car to pop up, slip, and roll over on its back while crashing into a wall. There were sirens everywhere while an inferno grew from the car. A firefighter, Jeff Charles, was able to save the girl, Angie,…

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