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  • Harassment Case Studies

    CASE – SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN THE WORKPLACE The case is about sexual harassment in the work place. There is a lady name Rosetta who is facing sexual harassment in the work place, sexual harassment is a form of discrimination involving the making of unwanted sexual abuses and obscene remarks. This is strictly prohibited under Canadian Human Rights Act. Regarding the case, this is a reasonable instance of sexual harassment, According to the case study, Rosetta’s co-workers usually ask Rosetta about…

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  • What Is Alcohol Regulation At Workplace

    Chapter 20 Online Hour Task Policy Regulation of Alcohol and drug testing, workplace harassment, and personal use of workplace technology (Social Media) Drug and Alcohol Testing Regulation at Workplace: In the case that an employee does test positive for drug use, or fails a sobriety test, you need to decide what type of disciplinary action will be taken. Perhaps surprisingly, the consensus among most experts is immediate termination. “When someone is truly under the influence of something and…

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  • Gender Disparity In Online Gaming

    on the controller in hopes of getting a kill, or playing seriously. To us we were just having a good time. However, as we made the gradual shift towards online gaming, we became exposed to the toxicity that thrived there. The level of which the environment is unwelcoming, harmful, or poisonous is not something we had encountered before. Nor were the people that create this atmosphere who are often referred to as “toxic” players. These players use abusive and vulgar language which extend to their…

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  • Children Should Not Be Allowed To Use Social Media

    life-affecting problem. Children 13 years of age and younger should not be allowed to use social media for the fact that it may provoke (short and long term) negative outcomes. Within these outcomes, cyber bullying, sexual harassment, and interpersonal skills are included. To begin with, sexual harassment is not a foreign concept, nor is it unheard of throughout the world in modern day. Girls at the age of 13, or younger, are not capable or mature enough to control their diverse emotions. At…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Ain T I A Woman By Sojourner Truth

    “Ain’t I a Woman?” by Sojourner Truth used rhetorical strategies very effectively. Truth used rhetorical strategies effectively because her tone, text structure, figurative language, and the rhetorical devices she used let the audience know what she was feeling and why she was fighting for was she was fighting for. Truth used many rhetorical strategies in her speech but pathos, logos, ethos, allusion, juxtaposition, and pinpointing really made her argument valid and strong. Sojourner Truth’s…

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  • Non Consensual Sex Analysis

    unwelcomed including reasons why West believes it raises concern. Finally, I will explain West’s arguments as for why consensual but unwelcome intercourse should have the same legal repercussions as any other form of sexual harassment. I will explain why West thinks this sort of sexual encounter can cause harm to a person that the judicial courts are simply unaware of. West seeks to establish a new window of jurisdiction within the confines of consensual but unwelcomed sex that happens often in…

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  • Bullying Strategies

    Bullying exist in all classroom and has for years unrecognized by many teachers.. Sometimes it is over looked because teachers are not looking for specific signs. Bullying comes in different forms physical, verbal, psychological, sexual harassment and cyberbullying. As an educator I may or may not experience these bullying styles at one time; however I will at some point experience these different styles of bullying in my career. I will discuss a few facts about bullying, a few strategies to…

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  • Workplace Sexual Harassment

    Workplace sexual harassment appears to be a long occurring problem in the work setting (McDonald, 2012). Additionally, workplace sexual harassment may occur in all workplace settings and is not specific to one work environment over others. However, while it is established that sexual harassment in the workplace occurs, reports of such incidents appear to be documented far less than the true frequency of incidents (McDonald, 2012). Additionally, while research regarding sexual harassment in the…

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  • Sexual Harassment Case: Thoreson V. Guccione

    been many cases of sexual harassment and retaliation cases throughout the history of the United States. It seems that there was an increase in these type of cases/allegations during the 1990’s that continue to this day. The average profile of victims started to change and more laws were created to set new precedents as well as to protect individuals. Since this increase in harassment and retaliation, people from all backgrounds have found themselves involved in sexual harassment and retaliation…

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  • Consensual Relationship In The Workplace

    dating. The main fear is a sexual harassment lawsuit resulting from either: 1) a superior who has a pattern of soliciting juniors out on dates; 2) a worker who files a complaint after a consensual relationship goes south; or 3) the view of co-workers that a manager is playing favorites with his or her "significant other." Sexual harassment laws forbid "unwelcome" sexual advances. Therefore, the partakers in a really "consensual" relationship cannot support sexual harassment. The struggle for…

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