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  • California Drought Case Study

    Ans. 1. Governor’s ethical justification is driven by continued decrease in water resources in California due to unfavorable weather conditions. The executive order 2016 (in continuity to previous executive orders) states that the water levels have not crossed the required levels due to the limited amount of rain and snowfall. This had a direct impact on the state rivers, underground basins and reservoirs. The drought has increased the scarcity of drinking/ potable water. Agricultural production…

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  • Water Shortage In China

    The current and past agricultural practices in China have caused an environmental problem nationally and globally. Although there is clear evidence that something needs to be done to change China’s sustainability, there hasn’t been any action engineered that has successfully led to an acceptable level of health. China is known as one of the largest consumers and producers for many products, so its agricultural practices are not only important to China but also to those who depend on China for…

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  • California Drought Crisis

    Disaster Mitigation California is facing its fifth year in drought. (Center, 2016) The drought is estimated to cost the state of California $600 million dollars and 4,700 jobs this year. This is better compared to last year’s cost but still a significant amount. What could help California during this time and in the future would be to incorporate disaster mitigation strategies during recovery phase and to find methods to help reduce the impact or occurrences of droughts. Mitigation includes risk…

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  • Thames Water Case Study

    Thames Water, as the biggest water company in England and Wales, has made unacceptable failure to control water leakages just months after pouring raw sewage into London’s main river. The companies’ behaviors bring a set of moral issues and is a right/wrong conflict. The most important moral challenge in this case is that Thames Water made profit at the cost of environment and public health while its primary obligation is to protect public health. Thames Water is being investigated by regulator…

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  • Environmental Injustice: The Flint Water Case

    back from 1969 to 2000, they stated that the water quality was poor due to the heavy pollution by the industries. The water had “the presence of fecal coliform bacteria, low dissolved oxygen, plant nutrients, oils, and toxic substances” (Flint Water Crisis, 2017).The water was never treated properly and until 2007, the residents were still using Detroit’s drinking water as their primary and emergency water…

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  • Tap Water Vs Tap Water Research Paper

    Water is one of the main necessities of life. Without water, our bodies would not function correctly. But wait, does it really matter where you get your water from? Of course it does. Bottled water and tap water have been in question to see which one is more effective in your life. Many people believe that tap water is unhealthier for you, that it does not come from a clean water source. Tap water is proven to be more effective than bottled water. Tap water is more cost effective and is proven…

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  • Mt Timid: A Water Shortage

    Discussion A water shortage can affect you no matter where you live in the world. It's arguably humanity's most vital natural resource. It sustains all other activities; it's the essential basis of economies, societies and human life. A water shortage in Mt Timid would mean loss of property, jobs, business, lack of growth, and most importantly loss of lives which will turn Mt Timid into what is known as a ghost town. If preventable, it is inhumane to let this terrible incident occur. This is why…

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  • Jordan Fraud Case Study

    This paper will describe a crisis case with a client by the name of Jordan. The paper addresses Jordan’s concerns using the effective Triage Assessment Form (TAF). TAF addresses the crisis in the following domains (1) affective, (2) behavioral, (3) cognitive. These domains indicate the client’s functionality during the crisis. The TAF calls for the clinician to evaluate and rate the client in the domains mentioned earlier. In the paper the clinician will provide a recommendation for the…

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  • Gas Cost Analysis

    gas and oil costs changed and additionally they have made everything else go up in expense. The normal expense for fundamental things and the way that people are living is influenced by these expanding costs. In this paper I will analyze the different ways that these expenses are impacting standard life. The way that everyone has changed things in there life would be transportation and business costs. Gas Prices have changed an impressive measure consistently and it is from every angle growing…

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  • Positives And Negatives Of Biodiversity Research Paper

    Controversy exists over whether biodiversity issues have negative impacts on the ecosystem and environment. While some well-intentioned people believe that the environment would not be affected by biodiversity (biological diversity) problems, I hold onto the view that biodiversity issues strongly influence ecosystems in that they not only effect on the land, but also will create significant challenges for the air and the water resources. Biodiversity is commonly defined as the variety of all…

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