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  • Summary: The Flint Water Crisis

    A Murky Situation: The Flint Water Crisis Most Americans would readily agree that all people deserve the right to clean water, but the when they realize the large monetary commitment this requires, the water becomes murky, both literally and figuratively. This phenomenon is pronounced in Flint, Michigan. The downturns of the auto industry in the 1980s wrecked havoc in this prominently black city to the extent that today about 40% of its citizens live under the poverty line. In 2014, Flint sought…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Budweiser

    In this year’s Super Bowl, Budweiser ran an advertisement that called “Stand By Me,” which details the process and shipment of water to places in the United States were natural disasters have taken place recently, namely Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico, and California. Throughout the 60 second spot, we see the process and the work of the factories employees particularly the manager of the plant, Kevin Fahrenkrog, put into transferring the normal beer distributor into a water distributor. This…

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  • Freedom Of The Sea Analysis

    1) By a “commons”, Hardin refers to a shared resource, such as public land, National Parks, and the seas. One of Hardin’s most prominent example refers to herdsmen on commonly-shared land. Each herdsman will attempt to raise as much cattle as possible, Hardin argues, on the land. However, the land can only sustain a certain number of cattle. The tragedy occurs when each herdsman continues to add more and more cattle, in order to maximize their profit, without thinking about the negative…

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  • James Monroe: An Era Of Good Feelings

    In May of 1793, George Washington instituted his Proclamation of Neutrality which helped to keep our young and fragile country out of unnecessary wars against the European powers of the Eastern Hemisphere. However, this was short-lived as by 1812, the United States was dragged into yet another war against Great Britain. The main motives behind the war were to gain freedom on the seas and to expand the country to the west. After two years of fighting, Great Britain and the United States came to…

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  • Water Pollution In China

    Although water is seemingly abundant in the world, most of it is not suitable for human use due to water pollution. Humans are constantly polluting water resources, which has been a major factor in rapidly decreasing water supply. Pollution is defined as the process by which harmful substances are added to the environment. In this essay, I will be focusing on agricultural activities, which is commonly referred to as farming. Water pollution from agriculture is a serious problem, and in some…

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  • The Benefits Of Drinking Water

    1. Drinking water Everyone knows that water is an essential component of the body. There are many people who don't like to drink water. Some people that drinking a lot of water to make us into the bathroom more often. Do you know? If you don't drink water, you will miss out on the benefits of drinking water. If you drink little water will cause dehydration. When dehydration it can cause many diseases. It makes to body weakness, fatigue, dry skin and make you lose it. You should drink water in…

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  • Effects Of Dehydration In Sports

    Dehydration simply means decrease of water or fluid in the body, it occurs when we use lose more fluid or water than we intake daily and our body have no enough water and other fluids to carry out its normal functions. We lose water every day in the form of sweat, urine, and stool. Along with the water, small amounts of salts are also lost. When we lose too much water we may be dehydrated. In some cases, severe dehydration may lead to death. Sweating is the body’s natural way to release excess…

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  • Mental Health Narrative Report

    Prelude Behavioral Services—430 Southgate Avenue, Iowa City, IA (April 2016-Present): I currently work at Prelude Behavioral Services, a substance abuse and recovery center previously named Mecca. At Prelude, I am a Recovery Assistant in the inpatient unit and am the first person that our patients see. I assist them with their first stages of recovery and sobriety and am a constant presence on the inpatient unit. I lead and assist treatment groups based on approved curriculum and help out with…

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  • Colorado Water Crisis

    it the most basic lifeforms couldn’t exist, much less humans. For citizens of Fountain Colorado it’s imperative that we begin to find solutions for the tragedy that has plagued this region of Colorado. There isn’t a definitive reason for the water crisis that has recently struck Fountain Colorado, but there’s plenty of finger pointing from all parties involved such as health departments, local military, utility companies and even city officials themselves aren’t willing to take responsibility.…

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  • California Drought Case Study

    Ans. 1. Governor’s ethical justification is driven by continued decrease in water resources in California due to unfavorable weather conditions. The executive order 2016 (in continuity to previous executive orders) states that the water levels have not crossed the required levels due to the limited amount of rain and snowfall. This had a direct impact on the state rivers, underground basins and reservoirs. The drought has increased the scarcity of drinking/ potable water. Agricultural production…

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