Hostage crisis

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  • Gossip Girl Play Analysis

    Gossip Girl (CW, 2007-2012) is a drama television series about a group of fictional wealthy teenagers living on the Upper East Side in New York City. It is based off of a book series by Cecily Von Ziegesar. Though the characters all attend the same prep school, the show mostly focuses on what they do in their non-academic lives. The drama portrayed in this series is more extreme than other comparable teen drama shows, such as The O.C or 90210. This is due to the controversial topics that are…

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  • The Importance Of Environmental Crisis

    level - hence, Hawaii. In a time of environmental crisis, how do we live right now? I do not have a concrete plan on how I will live within the time of environmental crisis, but I will explore my options and opinions on the matter. From acquired information, through media, articles, discussions, we are at a point in time where a crisis may happen more often than before, based on recordings of past disasters. As we are currently in an on-going crisis, climate change, there are not many things I…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Social Media Reports Of A Natural Disaster

    Jim Scatterfield was quoted saying “misinformation in a crisis can be its own disaster and increase confusion” (“How” 3). Sometimes, information being reported can be misleading because it was posted too soon or it is just simply incorrect. Social media can also cause a harm to the country as a whole from terrorist…

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  • Emergency Communication Plan Analysis

    With an emergency department averaging over 70,000 patients each year, YRMC is operating at or near capacity (YRMC Community Outreach Department, 2017). For the hospital, threats and CRISIS COMMUNICATION PLAN 4 hazards can come in the form of floods, windstorms, hurricanes, tropical storms, earthquakes, epidemics, extreme heat, bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction, mass casualty, and other natural, technological…

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  • Product-Harm Crisis Paper

    Product-Harm Crisis In 2009 the Toyota Corporation encountered a major public crisis. Recalls concerning faulty accelerator peddles which resulted in accidents and fatalities challenged Toyota’s reputation and dependability. The event with the fatal crash in 2009 that led to public outcry was the release of the 911 call that was made from the vehicle. Product-harm crisis occurs when an organization’s products are found to be flawed, unhealthy, or perilous. “The different types of crisis can also…

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  • Tony Packo III

    Tony Packo III helped uncovering the truth as to what actually happened between the Packo family and Mr. Horvath. This presentation was not only informative in learning about his case and the media, but also to develop a deeper sense of thinking beyond what we read in the newspaper. It was interesting to understand the two sides and examine beyond the media to develop my own conclusions about this case. One of the main opinions I had that was incorrect was that Tony Packo III committed theft.…

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  • Character Analysis: My Brilliant Friend

    this beat flatlines it is a clear sign of death. Without an essential crisis in a person’s life, that takes them through ups and downs, one is no longer living. This is shown clearly through the…

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  • Crisis Intervention Plan Essay

    Accidents and natural disasters are inevitable. This is a terrifying reality. However, proper planning can better prepare one for these situations. Crisis intervention plans were made for that purpose. There are different crisis intervention plans that cater to all ranges of crises from car accidents to earthquakes. The focus of this paper will be crisis intervention plans regarding school shootings. When parents take their kids to school they are less likely thinking about the possibility of…

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  • Current Events Research Paper

    To get an idea of how strong the tornado was an EF1 is what hit this area and the wind range is 85-110 mph. To help Ashlie and her family with the trauma of this crisis, it is important to understand and utilize the ABC model of crisis intervention. This short term therapy will decrease the trauma when used immediately after a crisis. Ashlie will need to learn coping skills to help her overcome the trauma she encountered. In conclusion, it will be important to listen and understand Ashlie…

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  • Humanitarian Social Media

    is a relatively novel area in the realm of technology. Probably the most prevalent use for social media with respect to humanitarian purposes is that of crisis analysis and intervention. In present society, social media platforms are implemented for almost every purpose, including times of crisis. Coordination of humanitarian relief during a crisis can be executed more effectively with the use of social media by gauging the affected population’s overall sentiment. Modern people frequent their…

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