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  • A Rose For Emily Book And Book Analysis

    two versions have varying features as well. The variations that exist between the story version and the film version that the present paper is going to discuss do not cause any major difference in the plot of the story. Similarities between the Book and Film Version One major similarity between the two versions of A Rose for Emily is that the plot of the print version is similar to the plot of the film. The story in both cases shows how Emily’s father chases away all the suitors who come to…

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  • Guy De Maupassant Psychology

    illness as a theme among many others. Many of his horror works, dealing with the existence of different parallel worlds and creatures in other dimensions are written in such a way that that it cannot be told if the story is confirming the existence of a world beyond our own or is just a hallucination caused due to mental illness or a tired mind. Maupassant’s stories like ‘’, 'Who Knows?', and ‘Letter from a Madman’ are the supreme examples. His famous horror tales ‘La Horla’ and ’The Terror’…

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  • A Rose For Emily Film Analysis

    The short story “A Rose For Emily” was written by William Faulkner in 1930. Fifty-three years later, a movie adaptation was created based on Faulkner’s short story. The short story and the film both tell the story of Emily Grierson, but they are limited to what their mediums allow. This limitation inhibits the movie and the short story to be completely the same. The symbolism within “A Rose for Emily” and the plot remain alike; whereas, the chronological order and the mood are dissimilar between…

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  • Cast Amontillado Mood

    In many of Poe's works, Poe uses many literary techniques to help contribute to the story. In the story "The Cast Amontillado", by Edgar Allan Poe, Poe uses; suspense, setting, and tone to help contribute to the story and set the mood of horror and dread in the story. In the text, the author's use of suspense drastically changes the mood, which is easily seen in the short story, and as found in the text, " It wasnotthe cry of a drunken man. There was then a long and obstinate silence.", which…

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  • The Dead Boy At Your Window Analysis

    The short story, “The Dead Boy At Your Window” is about a stillborn baby boy who is given to his mother to hold; his mother refuses to believe her child was dead. The boy begins to kick his legs (even though he is actually dead) and his parents take him home and raise him as a living boy. Since the boy is dead, he does not eat, grow or have hair; he also has leathery skin, a raspy voice and his parents “stretch him” to make him as tall as children his age. When the boy turns six years old, his…

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  • What Are Two Things That Affect Poe's Life

    what affected Poe’s writing. I believe that we are shaped by ur past. It makes us who we are and affects our future in various important ways. Edgar Allen Poe, Poe for short, was and still is a very well known writer. His writing was most known for two things; horror and mystery! In fact, Poe is known to be the man who introduced horror! He's not your average writer because all of his works are having to do with very dark, somber and harrowing topics. Poe’s wife, stepmother…

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  • William Wilson: Effects Of Gothic Literature

    Edgar Allan Poe is known as a gothic writer. However, one of his short stories stands out above the rest. That story is the one of ´Ẃilliam Wilson´. It displays many effects of gothic literature. William Wilson inspired many films to follow its tropes that were included. The twist ending revealed that Wilson had imagined ´Wilson´ in his head the whole time and that he had just stabbed himself. You know this because "You have conquered, and I yield. Yet henceforward art thou also dead -- dead to…

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  • 'Setting And Irony In The Lottery'

    understand a character. In the short story The Lottery, Jackson uses literary devices such as setting and irony to characterize the dark side of a seemingly innocent town. Irony is the contrast between the readers’ expectation and reality. Shirley Jackson strategically uses the title “The Lottery” to give the reader the idea of comfort and wealth. The audience quickly finds out that the lottery is actually a ritualistic sacrifice practiced by the seemingly innocent townspeople. Horror…

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  • Edgar Allan Poe Gothic Elements

    romances were not love stories. The protagonists of the American romance were generally haunted, alienated individuals. The isolated and alienated characters in the tales written by Poe were unknown and mysterious individuals who were pitted against dark fates that were a result of their deepest unconscious self. His plots unriddle the hidden actions and intentions of the troubled spirit. Edgar Allan Poe was a southerner and he had a dark metaphysical outlook…

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  • Script Analysis: HP Lovecraft

    and their mind. His works were often short stories, that fell into his self termed genre of weird horror or weird fiction. (ref mountain of madness) The playwright is one of the acting factory’s directors Mitchell Rist. The four plays (The Unnameable, The Quest for Iranon, Pickman’s Model and the Music of Eric Zahnn) were adapted from shorter works by HP Lovecraft as part of the acting factory’s horror season. Mitchell Rist has adapted multiple works of horror plays to text adaptation including…

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