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  • Gender Roles In Pietro Germi's Divorzio All Italiana

    the premarital expectations of women, a man’s role in defending his family’s honor, and male masculinity. Divorzio all’italiana is set in 1960s Sicily. Ferdinando Cefalù, a born aristocrat, has been married to Rosalia for twelve years and is very annoyed of her over-nurturing behaviors towards…

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  • Achilles Vs Society In The Iliad

    societal norms, but after his honor is earned and then quickly taken by greedy Agamemnon his belief in the system begins to fade and leads to unconventional behavior. Achilles journey shouldn’t be judged by the places he goes, the warriors he fights or the prizes he earns, but should be seen as the person that Achilles becomes. When Achilles loses his “prize” and goes into a state…

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  • Polenycius 'Virtue In Sophocles' Antigone

    Antigone offers several arguments that do not seem to be as valid as the other two. Honor and the fact that Pollenycius was her brother and was unreplacable. Antigone could have meant two things by her argument of Honor. Either she had honor because she followed the laws of the gods before the laws of man, or she had honor for disobeying Creon in his unjust humiliations of her family. In the first meaning she would be well justified in having this as her argument. In the second, she is not…

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  • Military Officer Values

    military strategy and battle tactics but instills in each graduated officer the values necessary to be a leader of character. The values necessary to be prepared for a career of excellence and service to the Nation in the United States Army are Duty, Honor, and Country. Taking up arms in defense of a country is not simply protecting a country’s borders and its inhabitants, but a testament to the values of the country itself. Therefore, for an Army officer to truly be successful it is necessary…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At A Community College

    money was barely enough to pay for an entire year. The Honors College Fellows Scholarship was awarded to me, and the Honors College at Lone Star College-North Harris would cover the cost of my first two years of college. It was an Honors College at this community college, and a lot of what I have learned and gained is thanks to this program. The Honors College has enabled me to create research projects and network with new people. With each Honors class taken, I have developed the skills of…

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  • Religion In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

    Santiago was innocent or not is never found out but the truth of the society which turns its head towards his possible dishonorable act shows the complexity of that society. Held together by traditions which give roles to males and females, religion, honor and family, 20th century Latin America is shown to be as complex as the killing of…

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  • Toys For Tots Essay

    $284 million in revenue and distributing over 18 million toys to seven million less fortunate children across the nation. The Honors Program at Ramapo College of New Jersey participated in one of 759 campaigns nationwide, collecting approximately ## toys and over $$$ for the charity at the Toys for Tots semiformal last December. When the dance was first held in 2013, Honors students united to gather ## toys and raise about $$$ for Toys for Tots. “The special part of this charity is that it…

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  • Why Do You Prefer A Low Paid Job Essay

    think money is just one of the methods to be happy. I think happiness is something that you can be satisfied with. I also think that happiness is when you are a person of a virtue. I once read in a book that happiness could be money or honor. However, money or honor can not be a happiness. Real happiness is to be a person of a virtue. This is an opinion of Aristotle. I also agree with this opinion. I think a real happiness is being satisfied and delighted by what you are thinking is the best.…

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  • Argument Against Cheating

    In source A, an image is displayed of a committee on the use of the honor code against cheating. A notable quote from there is “Recent research has shows that a spycam can greatly improve the honor code.” In other word this is a light illustration that reflects the brainstorming process staff undergo to create such a process. The reason this is significant, as i mentioned prior, is…

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  • The True Hero In The Epic Of Beowulf

    The epic poem Beowulf was written in the era of the Anglo-Saxon’s. Beowulf is said to first be an oral poem. It is believed that someone wrote the oral poem, making it into a written a story. The author didn 't leave a signature, or a date stamp at the very least of it. He could have stopped a debate for going on for centuries. In the first place, is absolutely no history about the poem’s origins, so this lead scholars to dig deep into the story to find out information. Again, a definite author…

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