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  • The Pros And Cons Of Foreclosure

    to support their families or live in their homes. Today, many thousands of those victims of foreclosures have since turned into potential homebuyers. Today, just 5 or 6 years after the economy took such a large hit, it has reached record heights. The real estate market is still difficult to buy for many, but it has definitely come back from where it was. How did real estate turn around so well you ask? When homes are…

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  • Reflection: What Makes My Family A Family

    “places”, ideally, a further lesson would be implemented to expound on the idea that people (or families) shape the characteristic of the environment they live in. Following this would be another lesson that focuses on how different families shape their home environment in different ways (using the classroom family neighborhood as a reference). For the sake of time, this lesson introduces the concept of “characteristics” as a mini-lesson at the beginning of the lesson.…

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  • Why Is Home Inspection Important

    Common Home Inspection Mistakes That Buyers And Sellers Make If you are in the real estate business then you know what a home inspection is. You probably know how important it is to selling property. Most people who aren't in the industry but are simply trying to sell or buy a house probably don't know of or even consider getting a home inspection done and the uninformed generally tend to make mistakes when they contract the services of a home inspector. What is a home inspection? The…

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  • Benefits Of Cleaning Your Home

    Cleaning your home is often the last thing that comes up in the mind and the schedule of a busy person. No matter how big or small your house is if it’s dirty it looks like it’ll take forever to clean it. When you try to keep up with your professional life, taking care of your kids, cooking for your family and trying to find some extra time to spend with your significant other, somehow the cleaning goes to the bottom of your priorities list. When your house is a mess, you feel less productive…

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  • Case Study A Glimpse Into Buying Your First Home

    A Glimpse into Buying your First Home 1. Intro Envisioning your life after college began from the beginning you drew your first home. In elementary school, art skills are put to the test to bring the house we aspire to have out from our imaginations and onto a white rectangular sheet of paper. The teacher would ask everyone to raise their drawings up for the class to see. All were unique, yet most with the same nonchalant design: a square base, door, one or two windows, and triangular roof.…

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  • Advantages Of Home Office Furniture

    Working full time from home is no longer an alien concept. It is a reality for a large number of urban populace as well as for those living beyond the city’s limits. Working from one’s own home office offers quite a few advantages such as working in a personalised environment, saving on the commute time and staying close to one’s family. It has multiple drawbacks too none of which is so sorely felt as when you are forced to work from an ill designed home office space. When you are planning to…

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  • Elena Hoxh A Story Of My Life As A Serf

    Blazh had to do the Lord’s work before he could do his work. If the Lord had crops that needed to be harvested, he had to harvest his, too. The plus side about this is that Blazh would get food in return for all of his hard work, which he would bring home for us. We also had to pay taxes and fees. They were very hard to pay since we’re so poor. The Lord was the one who decided how much taxes we would have to pay for how much land us and the other Serf’s had. This was usually 1/3 of our value. We…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Upbringing

    My father has been in the military for 30 years. His career has taken him and my family, to every corner of the world. The Air Force is a demanding career path to choose; often the spouse is left with the full weight of the chores to be done on the home front. During the course of my upbringing these duties were, in part, delegated to my sisters and I. While we never experienced “a life of almost tropical idleness’ (CITATION) like the children of Jane Smiley, we became effective and efficient…

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  • International Student Homesickness

    Homesickness remains an exceedingly real problem among first time college students, although several students tend to hide it. “Although international students also experienced homesickness and loneliness due to missing their family, friends, and home country, they reported higher levels of homesickness than their U.S. counterparts and that homesickness was likely to increase their adjustment problems in the new environment” (Baba and Hosoda). The whole point of traveling to a new country for…

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  • Demetrius's Role In The Family

    Within our family we each take the part of several functional roles. For myself, the primary role is the parental role in which I provide my children with guidance, support, and expectations to raise them to the best of my ability. This role allows me to share my values and beliefs with my children, teach them responsibility, and model for them appropriate behaviors. Furthermore, the parental role requires me to be a scheduler, transporter, and a tutored for my children. Through this role I make…

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