History of the Orthodox Church

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  • Dark Ages Dbq

    period between 1300-1600 C.E., Eastern Europe, known as Russia, and Western Europe, known as England, became vastly different than each other in several ways. To begin, Russian population fell under the dome of the Eastern Orthodox religion, while the English…

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  • The Arian Heresy

    world as we know it”. Arius resolved this problem by preaching Jesus Christ, as the son of God, to be a separate entity from God, and thus not of the same divine material as God. This deviated from orthodox thought as it denied the divinity of Christ and was thus considered to be a denial of orthodox Christianity. The…

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  • Thou Shalt Not Murder Rhetorical Analysis

    refusal to shift on contraceptive matters. They have held the same views regardless of the societal climate. This is because of the strong pillars of faith Roman Catholics have founded upon the authority of church tradition. Notable Church figures from the earliest times within Church history have purported that interrupting the natural end of procreation from sex is a morally corrupt action. Clement of Alexandria wrote in 195 AD that because man’s seed was ordained by God to be the means by…

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  • Women's Roles In Religion

    Throughout history, the roles of important religious figures have all been dominated by men. However, women also play a significant role in everyday practices. Women’s roles in religion is determined by examining the traditional roles of women, the progression of women’s rights, and women’s roles in religion today. Although many religions have different beliefs, the traditional roles of women were quite similar. In Christianity, although men and women were equal before God, they had different…

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  • Religion In The Roman Empire Essay

    The Roman Empire in the Middle Ages is predominantly known for its religious reforms and impact on the history of the religious community as a whole. However most of the standards and ideals that are so strongly relied upon from this era descend from the earlier pre-christian Roman Empire. One of the first major initiatives in the religious aspect of the Roman Empire is the signing of the Edict of Milan by Emperor Constantine the Great in the West and Licinius Augustus in the East. The Edict of…

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  • Greek Culture Observation

    Basil Greek Orthodox Church grounds in Stockton, California September 8-10 2017. The purpose of the Greek Festival is to showcase, celebrate and share the beliefs and traditional culture of the Greek people with the surrounding community. People from the city of Stockton…

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  • Byzantine Culture Influence

    culture. The main contribution of the Byzantine Empire to the spiritual life was made primarily through the establishment and development of Orthodox Christianity (Hussey). Thus, under the influences of Eastern tradition of Christianity the Russian religious faith and literature was exposed for…

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  • Eucharist's Influence On The Roman Catholic Church

    a) The Protestant Church follow after Martin Luther, meaning they do allow Priest who are not married to marry. They do not impose celibacy at all. b) The Orthodox Church does not refute a celibate priesthood, that is after all why the priest-monks (monks that are also priests) exist. Celibacy is on a voluntary base and never to be forced upon anyone. c) The Catholic Church does impose celibacy on its priest. Recently some of Eastern Catholic Church has allowed for their priest to marry. The…

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  • Early Church History Research Paper

    the beginning of early church history, different perspectives were addressed based on the Christological view and deity of Christ. The early western church fathers played a significant role in this era. The bishops of the church would meet together to discuss and debate their views and attempt to resolve the issues involving church doctrine. The texts of “Reading in Christian Thought” by Hugh Kerr, “Pocket History of the Church” by D. Jeffrey Bingham and “A Concise History of Christian Thought”…

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  • Judith Lieu Discovery Of Tradition Analysis

    Humanity has long sought safety inside groups with a similar identity. The existence of tribes or clans based on family throughout the history of the world serves a simple benchmark of what an oft-sought community looks like: It looks like me. One of the many segments of history where we see this desire for like-identified communities is in the development and discourse that frames up early structures of “orthodoxy” and “heresy” in the second through fourth centuries. Driven by the idea that…

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