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  • Harper's Historical Revisionism

    be an immaculate reflection on Harper’s rewriting of history, seen by Jack Granatstein as a way to de-politicize emphasis on social history and restore the place of military history in education. This focus of Confederation and military history, in particular the World Wars has not been without its critics. One of the foremost was the Canadian Historical Association and its concern that the weight on military history obstructs social history expressing progressive causes. These concerns were…

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  • Cultural Influences On Life Essay

    Culture plays a big impact on our society and our personal life’s. My adventure, culture/celebrations, artifacts, decorum, education, food, and heritage impact my personal life. The influence in my social life, that not only it affects me, but people around me depending on my social attitude. Culture benefits me because the impact that it has shown me for my historical roots of my culture. My culture shaped me as the person I am now because of the different diversities of it and its regional…

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  • Analysis Of John Dewey's My Pedagogic Creed

    John Dewey’s My Pedagogic Creed is written during a period when the industrial revolution was strong and rampant. The education system at the time seemed to be aimed at producing as many workers as possible to increase the wealth of the economy by teaching a specific set of curriculum that disregarded the child’s psychological and social needs. Dewey says that education is comprised of both psychological and social factors and that it can only be effective if these two factors are taught…

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  • Modern Education In Dorothy Sayers's The Lost Tools Of Learning

    It is ironic to think that the modern education system is not set up to help children learn. Dorothy Sayers, a former teacher and author, argues that, unfortunately, this is the case. In her article, The Lost Tools of Learning, Sayers argues that if we are to produce individuals that are intellectually equipped to learn and think on their own, then we should adopt a style of teaching that is modified from the style used in the middle ages. Sayers is concerned that while people are learning…

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  • Education Vs. Puritan View Of Education

    When the Puritans came to America they strived on educating their children in a more proficient way. Better education would help enhance their way of living. There are many ways that the Puritan view of education is similar and different as to what we have today in America. There are similarities between the way that the Puritans viewed education and the way that Americans do today. Puritan students went to school first just as our students do today in order to prepare themselves for college.…

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  • Liberal Arts Education Benefits

    arts education is more beneficial to a student than a technical or standard education. Should one concentrate one’s time and energy only on the subject of his/ her major? Would a broader education, filled with a wide variety of interesting subjects to explore, be a better option? The choice is really up to the individual. There are a number of things to consider in this decision making. Some of these are: the type of career one would like to pursue, the amount of money available for education,…

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  • Discussion Starters Chapter 2 Summary

    ancient societies to the development of education? During the Age of Pericles people became concern with educating children. Socrates introduced the Socratic method, the instructor makes inquires that stimulates critical thinking and the students arrive to conclusions. Both, Plato and Aristotle made great contributions. Plato suggested that each person had abilities to help their society, and Aristotle believed that society worth was build in quality education. Furthermore, Roman’s created…

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  • Immigration Beyond Ellis Island Summary

    Immigration Beyond Ellis Island Kazi I. Hossain Kazi Hossain is a professor in the Education department at Millersville University, Millersville, PA. The major focus of the text is that teaching aimed at developing an appropriate awareness of the immigration process is essential in K-12. The reading was assigned to give us an updated discussion on immigration, one that centers on the legal process and experiences of a modern day American immigrant. The text was a good source of immigration…

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  • Importance Of Virtual Reality In Education

    VIRTUAL REALITY IN EDUCATION Nowadays education and technology are interconnected. Virtual reality is the major technological advance that can support education. Virtual reality become powerful to help industrial design and increase student interest in education. Since the 1980s many studies have been educated on the application of virtual reality in education. Virtual reality enables creation of virtual reality environment (VLE), where students can learn by interacting with virtual object…

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  • US Home Education Case Study

    The No Child Left Behind law of 2002 required a new plan, stressing the need to even the technological advantages for all learners (U.S. Department of Education, 2004). President Obama presented in 2010 the National Education Technology Plan “Transforming American Education: Learning Powered by Technology.” (U.S. Department of Education, 2010), which presented the following main goals: • Raising the number of two- and four-year college graduates from 41% to 60% by the year 2020 • “Closing the…

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