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  • Latin American Slave Rebellions

    fact that many of these slave rebellions throughout Latin America failed. However, they should still be considered important, because many of these revolts and rebellions led to future legislation, which finally rid of slavery itself. In this historiography, I will highlight the various revolts and rebellions that occurred in Latin America and the Caribbean.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Jonathan Edwards And George Whitefield

    Introduction Who are Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield? George M. Marsden, an American author, describes Jonathan Edwards as, “extraordinary and the most acute American philosopher and the most brilliant of all American theologians.” John Charles Ryle, an Anglican bishop, describes George Whitefield as, “a humble person and after he had a calm examination, he had come to the conclusion that Whitefield was one of the most powerful and extraordinary preachers the world has ever seen.”…

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  • The Population Bomb Analysis

    but in a free society solutions in the end come out, in the long term developments leave us in a better condition always if we won’t encounter any problems. Thus, prices plummet before the rarity is verified. "Such a vision is confirmed by the historiography’ researchers: for example, Colin Renfrew states that, " it is often demographic growth that provokes the farming system's modifications [...]. Without a demographic growth, which implies a greater number of mouths feeding, there would be no…

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  • Black Female Characters In American Literature

    THE CHURCH, THE BIBLE, AND THE METAPHOR OF THE BLACK FEMALE BONDSERVANT IN AMERICAN LITERATURE Within American culture, historical images of Black female characters were primarily thought of as: jezebels, mammies or sapphires. They were as well thought of as caretakers. Since Black women were frequently thought of as such, I decided to specifically explore more how Black female characters have been portrayed by the church of the United States, as caretakers. I will explore their cultural and…

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  • The Great Depression In The Caribbean

    The Great Depression was a period of time lasting from 1929 to 1939 (a ten year span). The event that started it all was the stock market crash in October of 1929. 12.9 million shares were traded on October 12, 1929. The day became known as “Black Thursday.” Five days later 16 million shares were traded, making that day known as “Black Tuesday.” By March of 1930, 3.2 million Americans were unemployed and most had already lost their lifesavings, homes, and their hope. Riots began to break out by…

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  • The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism

    Historiography Stefan Kühl explores this relationship between German and American eugenicists in his book, The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism. He states, “Attempts to separate eugenics from the Nazi program of race improvement were only partially successful. The personal and ideological links between eugenics and mass sterilization and extermination were too obvious to be overlooked.” Indeed, the two movements were linked, and this relationship…

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  • Harry Truman's Decision To Drop The Atomic Bomb On Nagasaki

    permanently defeat it. Further charges, suggesting that there were other options for ending the war besides the bomb, and that Harry Truman knew it, have faced rebuttals claiming Japan was anything but on the verge of surrender. And within the historiography, consensus continues to elude scholars on such basic issues as why the United States used the bomb (Bonnett, 1997, pag…

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  • The Ancient American Civilization Katz Summary

    Friedrich Katz, born in Vienna, Austria as a young child he had to flee his native land to seek refuge with his family in the United States, later moving into Mexico. It was through his rough childhood that he was influenced by the Mexican culture. He earned his doctorate degree the University of Vienna. He is known to be a great scholar of Mexican history for his time, it was he who placed a new platform on the Aztec civilization, his book The Ancient American Civilizations, details…

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  • Were German Citizens Responsible For What Happened During The Holocaust Essay

    during the Holocaust, and ideas historians have now of the Holocaust. Secondary sources will be used to provide analysis on the questions, and to provide different viewpoints.These sources will also give conflicting analysis in order to create a historiography. Primary sources will be used to contribute…

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  • Sociology Of Prostitution

    A prostitute in the 18th century was anyone who engaged in sex for money or favors. It is important to note that people could engage in prostitution without it being their sole career. Prostitution could and was most often a side job, used to help supplement low wages in domestic service or other occupations. Those that were career prostitutes were often picked up by a procurer, usually an old woman who would either trick or coerce the adolescent into performing sexual acts for money. These…

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