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  • Importance Of Food Taboos

    PERVASIVENESS OF FOOD TABOOS AMONG INDIAN MOTHERS DURING REPRODUCTIVE PERIOD V. Punithavathi, M.Sc.,M.Phil. Project Associate, Department and Centre for Women’s Studies, Mother Teresa Women’s University. ABSTRACT All society has its own traditional beliefs and practices related to health care in general and regarding harmful as well as beneficial effects of foods for women during pregnancy. A cross - sectional study conducted on rural Indian mothers of Madurai District Tamil Nadu. Purpose of…

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  • The Awaken One Poem Analysis

    good plot, It also portrays a characters from; Indian, European, African and Jevish as well as reader find verity in dealing of complexity. Test is also multisided and working at different levels, the story moves from France to London, as well as Himalaya to Bengal. The title of the novel is symbolic. The chessmaster is an emblem of God (Brahman or Creator) and the game of chess is symbolic of the world (Jagat or Sansar). The moves made by the chessmaster are symbolic of the conduct of the…

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  • Graduation Speech: The Destruction Of The Ocean

    “If Nature isn’t kept healthy, humans won’t survive,” (naturespeaking.org). This simple issue, which is continually compounded each and every day, it turns out isn’t so simple at all. The evolution of our species seems to have brought us, as a human race, to a place full of entitlement. What we want – we take. Have we become too selfish? Will there be a point where we have taken too much and given too little? When will it become too late to give back? These questions are all too familiar…

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  • Mount Everest Research Paper

    At 29,029 feet (8,848 meters), Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world in terms of altitude. However, the tallest mountain is actually Mauna Kea in Hawaii, which measures 33,480 feet (10,205 m) from its underwater base to its peak, according to Guinness World Records. (Most of Mauna Kea is underwater.) Everest is located at the border of Nepal to the south and China or Tibet on the north. It is over 60 million years old. Everest was formed by the movement of the Indian tectonic…

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  • George Harrison's Contribution To Music

    In an interview commenting on his trip, Harrison said, "I had this lingering thought that just stayed with me after that and this thought was 'the yogis of the Himalayas '" (George Harrison). He had never thought about them before or anything related to it. That thought lingered with him until 1965 when David Crosby introduced Harrison to Indian classical music and a man named Ravi Shankar. Shankar was an Indian…

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  • Darjeeling Hills Case Study

    Key Words: Urbanization, Massive Landslides, Haphazard Constructions, Ecologically Fragile, Carrying Capacity Darjeeling is an important segment of Lesser Himalayas. It comprises of three hill stations of Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong and is situated in the northernmost part of West Bengal- one of the states in India. The shape of Darjeeling hills is an irregular triangle and is located between 24o 41′ North to the 27º10′ north latitude and between 87 o 59′East to 88 o 53′ East longitude.…

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  • Climate Change In Pakistan Essay

    South Asia, is home to over one fifth of the world’s population and is known to be the most disaster prone region in the world. It is also home to a majority of the world’s poor. According to FAO (2009), 1.02 billion people are undernourished worldwide in 2009. About 456 million people in South Asia are estimated to be undernourished. In the recent past, climate change emerged as the single most pressing issue facing society on a global basis, with serious implications for the food security of…

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  • Snow Avalanches Research Paper

    Abstract Snow avalanches pose a significant hazard to human populations and infrastructure in mountainous regions. Snow avalanches are the abruptly down slope movement of snow, ice, and associated debris such as rocks, and earth material. The forces generated by large avalanches can damage most man-made structures. Avalanche impacts in India, includes fatilities, is summarize for public and residential area like ski areas, roads, and resource industries. Avalanche hazard methods, in which…

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  • The Importance Of Climate Change In South Asia

    South Asia, is the home for one fifth of the world’s population and is known to be the most disaster region in the world regarded as world’s poor region. In South Asia, bout 456 million people are estimated to be undernourished. In the recent past, climate change appeared as most critical issue facing by the society on a global basis, with serious problems of food security of billions of people in the developing countries. The inter-annual, monthly and daily distribution of climate variables…

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  • Importance Of Amaranth Yatra Essay

    it was always prone to controversies and threats. Many people travel long distances to take part in this breath taking and tiring pilgrimage by some times even risking their lives. This yatra leads finally to a shrine which is in a cave in the Himalayas near the city of Pahalgam. Amarnath shrine is Hindu shrine located in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, India. This shrine is dedicated to lord Shiva who is here referred to as Shri Amarnathji or Shri Barfaani Babaji. The shrine is opened for only…

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