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  • Brave Beowulf: The Makings Of A Hero

    What are the makings of a hero? Are they the physical qualities or the outstanding achievements? Or is it the mental battles of the hero that count? Three heroes from ancient english literature will be assessed for the noble qualities of a hero. Brave Beowulf was an honorable hero of the Geats. He lived in a time when monsters ran rampant and there were many beastly battles. As a strong young man, he courageously fought monsters and performed incredible feats as he overcame every adversary.…

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  • Modern Day Hero Essay

    Gawain Vs Modern Day Heros Sir Gawain is his story”Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” is portrayed as a great warrior, a hero of his time. Who followed a set of characteristics that helped make him who he is. This is called: The Code of Chivalry. A custom that many heroes in stories and movies have is to go by rules/codes that help them upkeep their image. Not only for themselves but to inspire others and let people know that they are willing to help no matter what. Super heros nowadays do…

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  • Atticus Finch As A Hero Analysis

    significant; as a hero. Amongst his peers he exhibited higher thresholds of empathy, which was quite high especially in the historical context. He lived by his philosophy of equality and fairness, and preached in-directly and literally towards those around him. When confronted by conflict he would approach passively and attentively sought that no one was to be laid victim. He however also had…

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  • Silent Hero Research Paper

    Silent Hero Heroes can come in many different ways. A simple compliment, to saving the world. However, a silent hero can save the world without the world ever knowing. In my case, my silent hero saved me, without ever knowing. In life, everyone tends to get pushed off the easy path. Suddenly this road has turned into a treacherous mountain side with no path in sight. When I lost my footing and began to fall, my soon to be hero was there. Their mind was not set on saving me, but their heart was…

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  • Odysseus Is A True Hero Essay

    The Definition of a True Hero “Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader… they set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role - always about the goal.” Leader always have goals and only those leaders who achieve those goals can be called true heroes. In order to achieve these set goals and remain as a hero, these leaders must follow a basic set of values such as staying loyal to their people and having a sense of good judgement. Without these two main skills one can achieve their…

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  • David Phung: A True Hero

    younger, I imagined a hero as a character from a comic book or a TV show who had super powers like the ability to fly or super strength and would save people. But one day I heard a news reporter use the word hero, and at first, I was lost because I couldn’t understand why was this man the news reporter was talking about was a hero. He didn’t have superpowers like the ability to fly or super strength. So what made him a hero? After a moment of thinking I realized what a hero was. Heroes are the…

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  • The Film Shrek: A True Hero

    it is rather more that that. The film actually fulfils the requirements needed to prove that Shrek is indeed a hero that is being represented. The film “Shrek” is a 2001 computer-animated fantasy-comedy film that is initially based on Steig (1990) fairy tale picture book. Shrek has all the characteristics of the hero archetype, even though he is not the typical good-looking masculine hero depicted in most stories for example, in Disney cartoon where, the charming handsome prince that saves the…

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  • Rick Riordan's The Lost Hero

    The Lost Hero Book Review In Rick Riordan’s action-packed, Greek mythology-themed novel, three teens are thrust into the middle of a quest to stop an ancient evil that is about to be unleashed. Following an encounter with the evil wind spirit in the Grand Canyon, high-schoolers Jason, Piper, and Leo learn they are demigods. The spirit planned to kill the teens until their gym teacher, who turned out to be a satyr, saved them. Due to the three’s newfound powers (Jason can control lightning and…

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  • Abraham Lincoln: A True Hero

    A hero is a person who is admired for his/her qualities or achievements. Heroes are brave and influential figures who perform selfless deeds to help others. These role models give everything and expect nothing in return. An extraordinary hero named Abraham Lincoln was an important individual who has left a positive effect on the world. After a typical childhood, Abraham Lincoln worked diligently to become an influential figure he is today. Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky in February 12th,…

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  • The Hero Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

    Heros In the book, The Odyssey by Homer, there are several reasons why Odysseus is heroic which is because he is brave, smart, and powerful. For example, Odysseus is heroic because he is brave. The author states, “Noman has attacked me, the Cyclops shouted back…” (Homer 27). This illustrates that Odysseus is a hero because he saved some of his men, including himself, by blinding the Cyclops. Accompanying that, Odysseus is heroic because he is smart. The text states, “I tied my men under their…

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