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  • Overcoming The Worldview Of The Bhagavad-Gita

    When a person faces a difficult decision, one must rely on their worldview to overcome the obstacle. The Bhagavad-Gita is a great example of one’s worldview helps shape a person’s actions, Arjuna who is in between the middle of fighting this epic war finds himself stuck between being the warrior, he has trained all his life for or to care for his family no matter their differences. Arjuna with guidance from Krishna embarks on a journey of self-discovery separating between duty and morality.…

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  • Essay On Loyalty In Beowulf

    In the epic poem Beowulf, the poet demonstrates the various loyalties needed to maintain trust within the Geats. The poet, specifically in lines 2712-32, shows many virtues that outline the reasons why Beowulf makes a great honorable, king. With Beowulf’s knowledge, he is able to demonstrate many values that help shape Wiglaf’s character. The themes of honor and loyalty often arise to show how Beowulf stays truthful to his thanes, as well as himself, during difficult times. Throughout the…

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  • Acceptance In The Film: The Blind Side

    The film entitled, “The Blind Side”, is based from a true-story. The film was shown, last 2009 and it’s a drama type of film. It is directed by John Lee and written by the director itself with the help of Michael Lewis. The mother, Leigh Anne Tuohy, was portrayed by Sandra Bullock. Bullock is an American actress, which starred in many films. The title of the film – The Blind Side, is actually based from the sport that Michael plays, which is football. The blind side refers to the blind spot…

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  • Essay On Fame And Glory In Beowulf

    From a religion that consists of concepts that say, you must not be proud or arrogant and that life on earth is not the only thing you live for, to a concept that states, fame and glory are all that matter in your lifetime, the ancient monks who wrote down Beowulf, created an epic poem of Paganism and Christianity, which can be seen throughout its characters. Beowulf is faced with challenges that earn him his fame and glory in the entirety of the poem which creates a type of heroism because of…

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  • The Concept Of A Hero's Journey By Beowulf

    will reward you for the battle you win” Grendel’s mother was much stronger than Grendel, Beowulf wasn’t able to defeat her without weapons. Neither was his sword. Beowulf was able to use the swords of the giants to kill her. Defeating her made him a hero because he really saved the Danes. Lines 523-525 “Her body fell to the floor, lifeless, the sword was wet with her blood, and Beowulf rejoiced at the sight” No one expected Beowulf to be successful in his battles. They lost faith in him and…

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  • Heaney's Alliteration In Beowulf

    The Spear-Danes pride themselves on glory and honor in both life and death. The pagan belief in medieval Scandinavia emphasized a natural, earthly life that seemingly urged women, and specifically in the case of Beowulf, men to fulfil their worldly duties. In achieving earthly honor these warriors were eternalized through great stories and song, thus, never really dying. Beowulf portrays Heorot, a grandeur hall in which the Spear-Danes gather, eat, drink mead and reminisce about battles which…

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  • My Parents As A Hero: My Hero

    both heroes to me not because of what they offered the world, but what they offered me. To me a hero is someone that you can model yourself after. A person you look up to and strive to be like. To be able to ask yourself what that person would have done in a situation you do not know how to solve. A hero is someone who sets a good example for you and someone with a set of good morals and values. A hero does not always have had to wear a cape and work everyday to save the world. Sometimes our…

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  • Essay On My Real Hero

    "The real hero is measured not by the size of his strength, but by the size of his heart". When I was a kid a lot of people asked me who my hero was and I often responded with a name of some celebrity who performed a cool stunt or had strength. As time passed by and I started understanding things, I understood hero is not someone who has strength, power, skills. Infact hero is someone who has a bigger heart, someone who has more love to give than strength, or someone who is skilled on thinking…

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  • The Characters Of Peter Pan By J. M. Barrie

    “To die will be an awfully big adventure.” Peter Pan was a boy who would never grow up and this quote shows how Peter Pan is adventurous and likes having fun. In this paper I will explain Peter Pan’s origin, relationships, characters, and publications. J.M. Barrie was the creator of Peter Pan and wrote all of the plays about Peter Pan and dreamt up all the adventures that his main character would have in Neverland. J.M. Barrie’s older brother Dave Barrie, died when he was only 11 years old in…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The Man He Killed By Williams Hardy

    In war, there are no boundaries and only one goal-- to win. The methods people employ to get their side an advantage are ruthless because they are fighting for something that they strongly believe in. That being said, they will do anything they can to get their message across. In the novel Dawn by Elie Wiesel, the main character, Elisha, is faced with a dilemma: whether or not to kill a man in order to help his cause. In the poem “The Man He Killed” by Thomas Hardy also explores a man’s…

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