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  • Flying Boat Research Paper

    Hughes H-4 Hercules, commonly known as the “Flying Boat” or “spruce goose” was, and still is, the largest wooden aircraft ever designed and flown5. It holds the record for having the biggest wing with a span of 320 feet, which could cover an entire football field2. Henry Fraiser was the man who first proposed the idea of the enormous flying boat based on the demand for a transport plane to support the activities of the US military during World War 24. Frasier approached the famous aircraft…

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  • Agatha Christie Book Analysis Essay

    How was it resolved? The central conflict of the book was the murder of Ratchett (or Casseti) and who committed the murder but later Hercules Poirot figures that more than one person committed the crime and came up with the solution that 12 of the 13 that were on the train had a hand in the murder, which turned out to be true in the ending of the book but Hercules decides to go with another solution to tell the police so the Armstrong family can be let go. 7. What were the deeper meanings or…

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  • The Orient Express By Agatha Christie

    series and adventures for Hercule Poirot the best detective, faced his hardest case yet. The story is about the great detective Hercule Poirot trying to solve the case on who killed the wanted criminal Rachette , this novel is taken place in the 1930’s in a snow storm which later on gets the train stuck . Later on as Hercule is trying to figure out who has murder the man he finds out something more deeper about the criminals death. The characters in the novel were Poirot, M.Bouc (director of the…

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  • Sherlock Holmes Qualities

    detectives’ positive and negative qualities, their strategies, and their relative successes and failures. Present generalizations about the characteristics necessary for a person to become a successful detective in real life. Sherlock Holmes - Hercule Poirot Topic sentence: The littlest things can be the most important. When studying the qualities of the attentive, self-sufficient, gentlemanly detectives of old, there is much to be learned. Modern detectives nowadays rely less on their wits to…

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  • Linda Marshall: The Worst Possible Stepmother

    Rosamund, the only other adult she liked apart from her father, told her to forget what happened, it scared her so she left to think. And Poirot’s confrontation made her feel even worse. So she hid in her room but her guilt only festered and before Poirot could unveil the true killers, she had taken six sleeping pills. The guilt overwhelmed her and seeing as how she was only a teenager, she thought the only way to rid herself of the feeling without persecution was to attempt…

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  • Analysis Of Murder On The Orient Express By Agatha Christie

    Second, an analysis of the main character Poirot. Third, comparison between Murder on the Orient Express and: Miss Murple and the character Sherlock Holmes. Lastly, the closure of the paper. Laura’s work goes from the second paragraph on page 6- The purpose of this work is to understand why this…

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  • Ten Little Niggers Analysis

    The film version of Ten Little Niggers (1945, US title: And Then There Were None) by the French director René Clair, starring Walter Huston and Barry Fitzgerald, is one of the most faithful Christie adaptations. In addition to these mysteries, Christie wrote her autobiography (1977), and several plays, including THE MOUSETRAP, which run more than 30 years continuously in London, and had 8 862 performances at the Ambassadors Theatre in London. The play was based on the short story 'Three Blind…

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  • Elements Of Crime Fiction

    We can see that, just minutes before he decided to investigate on Nick’s case, Poirot refused the case of the Home Secretary. When he takes Nick’s case, he says: “he made a grave mistake ,that would-be murderer… when he shot at his victim within a dozen yards of Hercule Poirot” (Christie 24) This built-up of tension and the latter elements that add to the complexity of the crime, such as the discovery of the missing gun contribute…

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  • Hercule Poirot's Invention Of Murder

    I have always had an interest in the Victorian time in England. Though it is odd, I also have a fascination for crime novels and television shows. Stories of Sherlock Holmes and the later Hercule Poirot were interesting and caught my attention at a young age. When I was researching books to read for this project I knew that I wanted to pick a time period. Victorian life was always interesting and through my research I discovered my second book first. The other book I read was Invention of…

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  • The Mysterious Affairs At Style Analysis

    published in 2009. It was Stockett’s first published novel, it talks about black maids in the town of Jackson, Mississippi in the 1960’s. The Mysterious Affair at Styles was Agatha Christie’s first book too; she was introducing the Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and his great skills in solving a complicated crime that took place in Styles Court in Essex. Although the two books are a far cry from each other, yet there are some similarities between them. First of all, both novels have…

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