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  • Helen Herron Taft Research Paper

    Helen Herron Taft was born seven months before Mrs. Roosevelt on January 2, 1861 to a wealthy family in Cincinnati. She grew up in a family of politicians and lawyers – her father was a state senator and appointed the U.S. Attorney by President Benjamin Harrison. Her father was Judge John Williamson Herron, a college classmate with President Harrison and a law partner of President Rutherford B. Hayes. Her mother, Harriet Collins Herron, was the daughter and the sister of American congressmen, and Mrs. Taft’s grandfather, Ela Collins, and uncle, William Collins, were both members of Congress. Mrs. Taft grew up in well-educated, political family that was well off and provided her with a bright future and preparation for her time as first lady. As a young girl, Mrs. Taft…

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  • William Howard Taft's Life In Office

    imagine what our former president, William Taft, had to yell when he got stuck in the white house bath tub? Well we may never know, but we can learn about Taft, his presidency, and the life in 1908. The life of William Howard Taft was a very simple, yet very impressive. He accomplished alot throughout his life. Which all started September 15, 1857 in Cincinnati Ohio.(Biography.com) Since Taft was one of the earlier presidents he had a lot of firsts that other presidents didn't get to achieve.…

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  • Descriptive Essay: A Place In The Pacific Northwest

    With our car turned south, we head for a little piece of heaven on earth; conveniently located only an hour and a half from our house. As we head down the final stretch of road, dubbed “the roller coaster road” due to its bumpy and winding nature, we breathe in the fresh salty air. Legs are slowly stretched out and we take in the full beauty of Puget Sound. Before us sits Herron Island, a very unimpressive island that is barely a square mile; an island so small it doesn't even have a corner…

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  • Feminism In Lysistrata

    Aristophanes’ was a bold and a strong, sexual, and very opinionated man which he had reflected in his comedy play, “Lysistrata”. This comedy was quite the hit with many Athenian men for the simple fact that Lysistrata is a woman who was able to annihilate the Peloponnesian War with the help of women from different city-states, including Sparta. The Peloponnesian War that was between Athens and Sparta had begun over jealousy of each other’s power in Greece and had lasted from 431 to 404 BC.…

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  • Athena's Role Of Athena In The Iliad

    Athena’s’ actions that she takes against the Trojans perhaps play the biggest role in their defeat. Many times throughout the Iliad the Trojans call out for help from Zeus only for their prayers to fall on deaf ears because of his wife’s hatred of them. Perhaps Hector would have avoided death by the hand of Achilles if Athena had not disguised herself as his ally. Without Hector fighting on the side of the Trojans they had no chance against the forces of Agamemnon and his great army. Athena’s…

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  • The Trojan War Snow White Analysis

    fairest of women for his wife", Paris goes with the third (48). By this instance, the myth is fairly explicit in exposing the value system of the average Greek male. Whether Paris 's choice is meant as satire of man 's hyper sexuality or just an observation of Greek culture is an entirely different discussion, but regardless the plot point establishes that physical beauty was kept to some esteem. Further, Helen, for how important a character she is in developing the plot of The Trojan War (after…

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  • Greek Victorys In The Trojan War

    In stories, such as The Iliad by Homer and The Life of Themistocles by Plutarch, two Greek characters were highly recognized as crucial to the Greek victories. In the Iliad, the character Odysseus took a great role in the victories that led to winning the long 10 years Trojan War. In the Life of Themistocles, Plutarch describes how Themistocles also played a large role in the Greek victory in defeating the Persians. These two leaders, in comparison, were both men of intellect. They often used…

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  • Arrogance In The Iliad

    In the Iliad, written by Homer comes a great Epic written back in Ancient Greek time, no specific time period, around 750 B.C. The story starts about nine years after the Trojan War has started. We see many great characters in this story that express themselves throughout the story. Satterfield states, “Were our Iliad like the more traditional story apparently proposed in the poem, however, it would be a fundamentally different story. It would end before Achilles reenters the battle to kill 0;…

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  • Gender Equality In Aeschylus's Agamemnon

    Aeschylus’s Agamemnon is a very powerful piece of literature. It has several commanding themes, such as Justice and Judgment, Fate and Free Will, and several ties to gender equality. Gender equality is repeated brought into our eyes through the use of the character Clytemnestra. At many points in Agamemnon, we hear characters utter stereotyped and irrational views on women. The women in this story are known to be cheaters, murderers, and liars. We first learn about Clytemnestra when the Watchman…

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  • Hektor And Achilleus Relationship Analysis

    What kind of man is he? Why is Helen unhappy by his actions? How do her actions lead to the results of The Illiad. Paris’ role in the Trojan conflict was that he started it by taking Helen. He took Helen from Menelaos when him and Hektor were told by Priam to go make peace with the Greeks. While Hektor was talking and making peace with the Greeks, Paris snuck off and took Helen. He took Helen because when Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite were fight over who was the fairest out of all of them,…

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