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  • College Athletes Should Not Be Allowed In College Sports

    for selling their jerseys for just a few hundred dollars. Dez Bryant was ineligible for some of his Oklahoma State season for not cutting of relations with former superstar cornerback, Deion Sanders. This could’ve possible cost Dez Bryant the Heisman Trophy Award therefore, causing him to lose major draft stock in the NFL draft. Luckily none of these men let these allegations put a dent in their career, however who knows what could’ve been for the careers of countless other young athletes who…

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  • Gator Football History

    is the head coach who set them up for multiple national titles, and the current 3 national championships that they have, Chris Leak who played for them from 2003-2006 had a great contribution. Another legend who suited up in a gator uniform former Heisman winner Tim Tebow, talking about the history of the sports drink we know of today as Gatorade. A lot of people might not really know about their stadium to well which is called the swamp, which is one of the most difficult places to play in the…

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  • Should Millennials Be Allowed In The Hunger Games

    Participation Trophies Hinder Kids "If I play a whole game I get a whole snow cone, but if I play a half a game I still get a whole snow cone. It's a whole snow cone either way. I'd rather play half a game." This quote is from one of Brian Regan's performances, "Lousy in Little League", where he talks about the new social norm of rewarding children for participating. While Brian Regan is a comedian, and this was meant to be funny, it does have some truth. Just as Brian Regan said, children…

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  • Participation Trophies For Youth Athletes Essay

    Everyone else on the team receives the “glad you tried but you aren 't good enough” trophy. Many children, including myself, fall into this category. As naive little children, many kids do not understand that this is the situation. They think that they are a superstar because it only makes sense to get trophies if you are talented. As children get older and mature, most started noticing how many award ribbons and trophies are actually being handed out. A regional branch of the American Youth…

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  • Summary: Negative Effects Of Participation Trophies

    Negative Effects of Participation Trophies Participation trophies seem like a good idea for young children. To a child who needs a boost of confidence, enticing them with a potential award at the end of Little League season might keep them motivated to attend practices and contribute their talents in games. If handled properly, participation trophies could motivate young children to want to try other new experiences. The problems arise when the children are old enough to realize that…

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  • Participation Rewards Should Not Be Allowed In School

    participation trophies. Sure, it's nice to get a trophies, that says good job you did your best, but participation trophies can lose their meaning. In life people don't get a award for just showing up. Participation trophies can raise a kids self confidence, they can give kids a wrong message. There are other ways to award kids. In life people don't get a award for just showing up. ''You don’t just get a A+ for showing up for class. Kids can do really nothing, and get a trophy.…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Trophys

    Have we gone too far as a society when it comes to trophies, just handing out trophies for almost anything, even just showing up? Are we scared of our kids feeling like losers, so we make everyone a winner? Or could these trophies be an effective way to uplift the kids self-esteem and motivate them to do better? Participation awards can do more damage than not giving a trophy at all. If children or anyone for that matter always receive a trophy regardless of effort or achievement we are…

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  • Essay On Participation Awards

    straight up the truth. Kids shouldn’t get a participation trophy or awards for sports or competitions. For anything at all. It sends the opposite message to the kids who did try their absolute top game, unlike the participators, mopping around. Like James Harrison says, “I'm not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best.” Harrison’s parenting perspective on trophies is exactly how we should think about this…

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  • Bratty Kids Should Not Receive Participation Awards

    Participation Awards No matter how bad the player is, they know they will get a trophy. They don’t even have to try! Some people believe that kids should receive participation trophies. Some people also oppose that. I believe that participation rewards should not be handed out and kids should have to earn their trophies the right way, by winning. One of the big reasons children should not get these plastic trophies is because of a lack of effort. Let’s say a kid on a team never shows up to…

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  • Should Youth Athletes Be Paid Essay

    According to the "Trophies for all" policy, youth athletes are being awarded with participation trophies. Youth athletes are getting trophies just for showing up to sports. Is this fair to the athletes that try? Youth athletes should work for their awards so they mean something. The more awards we give , the less value they have to use. Some people may think without trophies kids won't be motivated to do different sports. But do we really want our kids motivated by trophies? Youth athletes…

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