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  • Triumph In Beowulf

    meeting with Heathcliff, Catherine says “If I’ve done wrong, I’m dying for it… Forgive me!” (Brontë 139). Catherine, in this moment, realizes something she had known since an earlier conversation with Nelly; she was wrong in marrying Edgar for money and not love, and that she should have married Heathcliff instead. This is vital because it is the main event of her moral reconciliation. Had Catherine gone to the grave without this regret being heard, she would have died simply, without Heathcliff…

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  • Theme Of Love In Wuthering Heights

    Wuthering Heights explores a variety of kinds of love, the main focus being Heathcliff and Catherine 's heated passion for each other, which is terribly destructive because of their intense connection. Catherine and Heathcliff’s relationship can be viewed to consist of conventional love rather than affected love in a contemporary society because conventional love is described as genuine, caring and forgiving, which are attributes displayed by both characters. However, the novel is set in the…

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  • Destructive Signs Of Depression In Wuthering Heights By Emily Bronte

    Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, the character of Heathcliff suffered with depression, which created a domino effect that inflicted pain not only to himself, but also to all the other characters he interacted with, and his depression became the essential cause of his death.…

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  • Romeo And Juliet And Wuthering Heights Comparison Essay

    stories. So, the characters Romeo and Heathcliff, share many differences and similarities in their social standing, drive/ambition, and personality, but both felt the pain of…

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  • A Gothic Hero Should Be Passionate, Fessive, Obsessure?

    about the new gothic heroine is to question whether she is an agent in her own story or a victim in someone else’s. Catherine is seen to taking her life into her own hands and not being pushed about which implies she is an agent of passion like Heathcliff. Also, Bridget in The Poor Clare is one of the first women to take the role of the gothic hero, not heroine. She is the agent of her own fate, extreme…

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  • Alienation In Frankenstein

    HeathCliff is much more intricate than the ordinary protagonist and his ethics are doubted numerous times throughout the novel. As previously mentioned, Wuthering Heights has many Gothic elements such as a disturbed family line and hysteria, which partly arise from HeathCliff. He was taken under the wing of Mr Earnshaw and brought into the Earnshaw family. Heathcliff was always thought of as a nonnative presence in society and among…

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  • Wuthering Heights

    Summary of Whutering Heights In 1801, Lockwood comes to Wuthering Heights in order to rent a house called Thrushcross Grange. Here, he meets Heathcliff, a man who lives in the Wuthering Heights. In this stormy house, Lockwood’s curiosity takes him to ask Nelly, the housekeeper, the story of Heathcliff and the strange events of Whutering Heights. Nelly begins the story and Lockwood takes notes in his diary. To start with, Nelly, as a young woman, starts to work as a servant in Wuthering Heights…

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  • Heathcliff's Injustice

    Heights” by Emily Bronte, the character Heathcliff suffers injustice; therefore he also causes injustice to others around him. His experience with injustice makes him vengeful and sought out to hurt others. He was an orphan, taken in by Mr. Heathcliff, and upon his arrival only half of the household were welcoming of him. Hindley and Mrs.Earnshaw did not like Heathcliff at all, so they made his life miserable since they could not get rid of him. Heathcliff was already lonely and did not know a…

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  • Wuthering Heights Literary Analysis

    Emma, Mr. Elton wants to maintain social gain in a society by marrying Miss Hawkin. Heathcliff also tries to have his son Linton marries Cathy, his sister’s daughter in order to maintain wealth in the family of the late Mr. and Mrs. Earnshaw. This really shows that characters in the novels want to maintain their social status while others are busy trying to improve their social traits for example Elton and Heathcliff. In conclusion, the two novels really share common flow of events for…

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  • Extreme Love In Catherine And Heights

    Thundered Heathcliff with savage vehemence.” We as the readers know that Heathcliff was in love with Catherine and furthermore the language that is used by Heathcliff in this quotation shows emphatic love and passion between the characters, and the words that were used to describe Heathcliff’s showing his emotions i.e. ‘thundered’ and ‘savage’ demonstrate the extremities of love that is presented here and which can be referred back to the title.…

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